‘OutDaughtered’ Why Did Danielle & Adam Busby Stop Filming?

Adam and Danielle Busby [Source: Instagram]

OutDaughtered fans have been ecstatic at the return of the lovable Busby Family.  OutDaughtered features dad, Adam Busby, mom, Danielle Busby, older daughter Blayke Busby, and the five Busby Quints: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley. The Busbys were on TLC for eight consecutive seasons but then decided it was time for them to step away. By the time they announced they would film again, there was overwhelming support for new episodes. But, why did they leave screens in the first place? Adam and Danielle have given some insight into their decision to stop and then start again.

Where Were The Busbys?

After watching the Busby Quints grow over eight fun seasons, the family decided to end the show. Meanwhile, the fans were saddened by the absence of updates on the family they had grown to love. Season 8 left off with the trials the Busby were facing with six kids in the midst of a global pandemic. Given that the pandemic took its toll on the entire world, it was very relatable to see how they pushed through the struggles. However, with all their strengths they still recognized their limits. During this time, they reevaluated what was best for the girls and came to the decision to back away from the on-screen life they had lived since the quints were born. Making the decision was difficult, but they felt leaving OutDaughtered behind was important at the time.


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Initially, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby believed they were done with the show, but later they decided to start filming again. “When we quit filming, we didn’t really see a future date ahead of when capturing life would come back,” Danielle expressed to Good Housekeeping. “We really just kind of felt like … is this the right time? Do we do it? I’m not sure it fits with [our] schedule right now.”

OutDaughtered Busbys Are Back On The Big Screen

As Adam and Danielle Busby reconsidered their return to TLC’s OutDaughtered, they recognized it was a family decision. The parents consulted their kids on how they felt about having cameras around again. First, they approached Blayke Busby to get her thoughts. Undoubtedly, this would affect her most since she has grown up so much and started middle school. That age can be difficult on its own, much less being documented on camera for the world. Blayke agreed filming was the right idea. Likewise, the quints also agreed to move forward with a new season.

“She’s now in middle school and just a big age for a child growing up,” Danielle says about discussing things with Blayke. “We just want her to be involved and same with the quints. It was an organic conversation that we had, and it made it a little bit easier, as the girls started asking, ‘Where’s this person? When are the cameras coming back?'”

What’s New In OutDaughtered Season 9?

Undoubtedly, there is a different feel to OutDaughtered Season 9. Adam and Danielle Busby became executive producers for the latest season. Everyone has grown up so much! Respectfully, the parents allowed the girls to choose when they wanted to be filmed or not. Adam Busby has been stepping in more with the family responsibilities. He is taking on additional duties to give Danielle Busby time to run  Graeson Bee Boutique in League City, Texas. Adam has also tried to help Danielle focus on not overdoing while she addresses her health stressors that have surfaced over the past few years.

OutDaughtered Season 9 Is Underway And Zooming By!

There has also been a different feel on who has been included in the new season. There has been less extended family than there was in previous seasons. Each of the new ages and stages of the kids has proven to bring a new dynamic in this season as well. Notably, there are also fewer episodes this season. Patterned after the kids’ names, it appears the last episode will be on TLC on Tuesday, August 29 at 9 p.m. ET.


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The Family That Shows Together, Grows Together

Naturally, Adam Busby has faced some extra challenges this season as he takes on the six kids alone more frequently. He has a new perspective and wants to show the fans as much as he can. “There’s been a recurring theme of guys I run into around town or at church … they always make this comment of ‘Man, like, I can’t believe you just do that. You just take them wherever and you can do that,'” Adam shares. “But guys can do it. Dads can do it. If I’ve got to show the world that I’m doing it with six kids by myself, then like, okay, let’s do it.” They are all growing and getting stronger together.

And so the family continues their journey and shows the ups and downs of life with six growing kids. Do you think it was a good idea for them to return? What are your thoughts about the new season? Drop some comments below and tell us what you think of OutDaughtered Season 9.

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  1. I cannot stand Danielle Busby. She is always whining about something, blaming others for her faults and shortcomings. She is so jealous of the relationship the girls have with Adam. Her little escapade with her friends, clubbing, dancing with total strangers was disgusting. Married women make that married ladies don’t behave like in this fashion. Can you imagine Danielle’s reaction if Adam went out of town on a business trip and was dancing with all the ladies that were throwing themselves on Adam? OMG, the shit would fly! I like Adam. I like his looks. I like the way he takes care of his body by working out and staying fit and muscular. You gotta admire those guns.

  2. I have to agree. I try to like her, but it’s difficult when I see her trying to blame things on Adam that are not his fault. It doesn’t seem like an equal partnership, and I see him “giving” and her “taking”.

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