‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Fans Concerned Beloved Furbaby Passed Away

Kelly Ripa - Live with Kelly and Mark - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, YouTube

Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa has fans concerned that her furbaby may have passed away.

The flood of worry came after a possible clue was left online in a new pic of Kelly and her daughter. Kelly and daughter Lola Consuelos posed for a sweet summery mother and daughter pic. But it was someone who was missing from the pic that had everyone up in arms with concern. Read on to find out why people think Kelly’s pup passed away, and what we know about the loss.

Kelly Relived Some Childhood Trauma Live On Air

If Kelly Ripa‘s sweet pup has passed away, it joins the long list of traumas the talk show host has already survived. One such trauma was relived live on air during a Live segment.

Schools are resuming for much of the United States, prompting the Live hosts to do a segment discussing school lunches. Kelly’s co-host and husband, Mark Consuelos, read off a list of top lunch items. Kelly seemed upset, and Mark prompted her to explain her reaction. Kelly then revealed that she was traumatized by her mom’s school lunches. The family matriarch would prepare sandwiches of cream cheese and grape jelly the night before, so little Kelly would tottle off to school with a mushy sandwich.

Kelly Ripa - Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark, YouTube
Kelly Ripa – Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark, YouTube

And to top off the ick factor, Kelly’s mom would place the brown bag lunches in the fridge next to a half-cut onion. The flavor and smell of the onion would seep into the sack lunch, permeating it with a pungent taste. Kelly explained to her husband that the sandwiches tasted like, “cream cheese and jelly, onion-scented, slime sandwich.” She added, “Yeah, every time we talk about school lunches here, I get upset. I get traumatized.”

Live’s Kelly Ripa Has Fans Concerned That Her Furbaby Has Passed Away

Luckily, those horrible sandwiches sound like a trauma the Live host can work through. The loss of a pet is another matter entirely.

Last Sunday was National Dog Day, which led to a flood of posts online from people honoring their beloved pooches. Kelly Ripa is no different, and she shared a pic of herself alongside daughter Lola. In Lola’s arms, Kelly’s pup Lena relaxed in the summer weather and looked to be offering her own smile. Kelly captioned the snap, “Enjoying National Dog Day with Lola and Lena in the dog days of summer.” She added jokingly that her other pup Chewie took the picture.

Kelly Ripa - Lola Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark - Instagram
Kelly Ripa – Lola Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark – Instagram

But Chewie’s absence was noted, and fans flooded the comments with worried speculation that Chewie had passed away. Multiple people wrote, “Where is Chewie?” And one person asked if Chewie had passed, adding, “So sorry if she did.” Kelly herself didn’t respond to the questions, but one fan offered a likely explanation. They wrote, “It was too hot for her to be outside because she is older.”

It’s unclear if Chewie is still alive or not, but it seems likely that Kelly would do more than make a joke about her if she had passed away. So for now, fans can draw a breath of relief because it seems Chewie was just indoors enjoying the cool air conditioning.

Do you think Chewie has passed away, or were people abuzz about nothing? Do you keep up with Kelly Ripa‘s pups, Lena and Chewie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Catch the Live with Kelly and Mark crew every weekday morning on ABC.

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