‘Live’ Kelly Ripa’s SHOCKINGLY Ripped Abs, See Pic

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos [Instagram]

Kelly Ripa, the host of Live with Kelly and Mark and Generation Gap, just revealed her abs and it’s shocking to see that they are seriously chiseled. Talk show fans know that both she and Mark Consuelos work out a lot, but the selfie taken with Anna Kaiser really shows them off.

Live Kelly Ripa Looked Way Too Thin Fans Agreed

When Mark’s wife appeared on Generation Gap recently, many people expressed their opinions on her slight figure. Actually, one of them even suggested that she might suffer from Anorexia. People opined that she wasn’t eating enough and that she looked too skinny. That came when she was stepping out to Madonna’s Like a Prayer. Meanwhile, others thought that maybe she was ill. That’s not a bad assumption, given her regular absences from the ABC talk show.

Kelly Ripa doesn’t actually look anorexic when she opens her top. Instead, like Mark, she looks really ripped. Actually, they both take good care of themselves in the physical department. In fact, if you check out the X platform, formerly Twitter, plenty of appreciative fans grab screenshots and post him up looking hunky-spunky.  Far from being unhealthy, both of them look streamlined and ready to rumble.

Kelly Ripa Works Out With Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser is famous as a fitness trainer. Back in March, she shared a special post on Instagram about the Live host’s workouts. In that post, she said, “I wanted to create a 30 day version of her program that works for ALL levels.” Obviously, there’s a lot of interest from Live with Kelly and Mark fans to see how she keeps herself so fit. A lot of energy goes into the program, and there’s no way anyone with anorexia could sustain that. This week, a new photo emerged that revealed amazing abs.

'Live' Kelly Ripa's SHOCKINGLY Ripped Abs Live With Kelly And Mark Anna Kaiser Instagram (1)
Image credit: @theannakaiser Instagram

Kelly Ripa once joked when she was spotted in a cheeky bathing suit, that it took “700000000 curtsy lunges” to look so perky. In the most recent photo that Anna shared, the former soap star wore a black Adidas jacket that she left unzipped. So, fans were able to see her abs clearly. Taken in the gym with all the equipment lined up behind them, the ABC host looked ready to work up a sweat.

Does The Talk Show Host’s Doppelganger Have The Same Abs?

Kelly Ripa has a doppelganger, actor Becki Newton who often gets mistaken for the ABC host. Younger, she sometimes gets stopped for autographs as people misidentify her. It would be interesting to see both women reveal their abs. Would older Kelly’s be more ripped?

What did you think about the amazing abs that Mark Consuelos’ wife has done the grind for? Are you a bit shocked to see how ripped she is? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online for the latest news on Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa!

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