Jazz Jennings Flaunts Huge Weight Loss In Neon Orange Swimsuit

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TLC star Jazz Jennings shocked her family and fans with her weight gain a few years ago, but this week, she shared a photo on social media that showed her weight loss in a neon orange swimsuit. I Am Jazz fans felt very concerned for her at one stage because she also suffered from depression. This week, she looks like she’s in a much better place

Jazz Jennings Packed On The Pounds

In 2021, spoilers for the TLC show revealed that the reality TV star had increased her weight. Obviously, she felt shocked because she even consulted a nutritionist. Additionally, her mom freaked out. So, a dinner was arranged, and there, the family really got in her face about it. Eventually, she complained because all they ever seemed to do was gripe about her weight. Depressed and almost in denial, she seemed destined for a future of depression and obesity.

Jazz Jennings found enough motivation to shed some pounds because she realized that she couldn’t do the things she used to. Like kicking a ball and just having some fun. Also, she hated being trapped inside her body. No longer able to enjoy her life, she decided to do something about it. Mind you, it took years before she reached the point where she’s at right now. Battling depression and added weight after complicated bottom surgery made her progress very slow.

Jazz Jennings Drops Some Weight

By 2022, the TLC star started looking slimmer in her photos. Additionally, she was back on the sports field and she looked way healthier. Certainly, it looked like she could enjoy playing tennis again. Her fans cheered her on because they know it’s not easy being trans. Part of her problems stemmed from the medications she took after her surgeries. And, prior to her weight loss, she seemed to look really down a lot. This week, she shared another photo and her followers on Facebook seem impressed with her slimmer figure.

TLC I Am Jazz Jazz Jennings Flaunts Huge Weight Loss In Neon Orange Swimsuit Facebook
Image credit: Jazz Jennings Facebook

Jazz Jennings also shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit a few months ago. Actually, fans liked her new curvy look as she relaxed in a tight black swimsuit. This time, she chose neon orange and she posed next to her brother Sander. In her caption, she wrote, “Lovin’ life. So much to be grateful for!” As they stood next to a bright yellow slide, it made for a colorful picture as they enjoyed the last days of summer.

TLC Fans Reacted In The Comments

Fans liked what they saw of Jazz Jennings. In the comments section of the post, one of them wrote, “Wtg Jazz. You are an amazing human being!!!! hard work and perseverance pays off big time!!”

Meanwhile, her brother, Sander commented, Slay all day!!! Had such an amazing sibling bonding day. Going to miss you when you head back up to school.” 

What do you think of Jazz Jennings’ weight loss journey? Do you agree that she looks great in her neon orange swimsuit? Share your thoughts in the comments and remember to come back here for all the news about TLC’s I Am Jazz.

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