‘Love Island’ USA Season 5 Episode 34 Delayed, Then Airs Early

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Tonight the new episode of Love Island USA Season 5 is going to be delayed. The show went to their Facebook to share the news with fans but didn’t give very many details. This would be Season 5 Episode Episode 34, but it wasn’t supposed to be on time.

Announcement Love Island USA Would Air Late

Fans were upset when they saw on Facebook that Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 34 would not be airing on time. The post said, “Tonight’s episode will be delayed, but as they say, love is worth the wait. 😉 Check back here for updates! #LoveIslandUSA.” This was very confusing though. Right after this was posted fans realized that if you go to Peacock, the episode was already up and airing 15 minutes before it was supposed to be.

The comments went crazy on it saying:

  • Wait what! This is a joke right
  • Oh no what’s happening!?
  • Mine is available. Check the peacock app. Just checked now. It’s on the app! Hopefully it’s on for everyone
  • hmmm we wait all day now its delayed ugh!!

This was the episode where they would get messages from their loved ones and one you did not want to miss! Were you confused about this new episode?

New Love Island USA Episode

This new episode started out just showing the couples talking to each other about sending home Zay and Imani. Then it was time for them to all go to bed and cuddle. It was very uneventful at the start.

Scott made it very clear that he was upset that Bergie and Taylor tried to send him home the night before. Bergie explained that Johnnie having other doors open was the reason they thought they should go home. Johnnie was still open to a relationship with Kassy at that point, but Kassy did choose Leo over her.

Update On New Episode

Love Island USA never posted an update about when the episode would air, but then just simply made another Facebook post like nothing was wrong. They never replied to fans who were saying they were already watching it either. This was very confusing for everyone, but Love Island USA is airing on Peacock now if you are ready to watch. Surprisingly, this season is about to come to an end. On Sunday, Love Island USA’s finale will already air and a winner will be picked.

Were you excited to watch Love Island USA Season 5 tonight? Will you be staying up late to watch? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the finale on Sunday.

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