Exclusive Interview: Lifetime Actress Shifra Zuckerman Starring In ‘Her Deadly Night In Paris’

Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime's permission

Up-and-coming actress Shifra Zuckerman is starring in the new Lifetime thriller, Her Deadly Night In Paris. Although this is not a Ripped From The Headlines movie, it is based on real events. This is a romantic thriller Lifetime fans will not want to miss. What is it all about?

According to IMDb, “An American exchange student in Paris falls in love with her host family’s handsome son, but when she witnesses a murder, the couple must go on the run to prove her innocence.”

In this exclusive interview, Shifra Zuckerman graciously answered a cornucopia of questions about filming this Lifetime romantic thriller in Paris, as well as her Emily In Paris experience. Get to know this talented actress who was most recently in The Sex Life Of College Girls.

Shifra Zuckerman On Playing A Role Based On Real Events

Hi Shifra! Her Deadly Night In Paris is based on real events. Knowing this, does it lend to a different way in how you approach your role as Lucy Cunningham?

It is actually so funny because I had no idea that the story was based on real events until I saw the movie. If I knew prior to filming, I believe that it would not change my performance beached I treated my character development for Lucy as I do with all my other roles, as if the script is non-fiction. I like do to this because it helps me connect myself as Shifter to my characters and feel more realistic in their shoes.

Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime's permission
Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime’s permission

How Foreign Location Played Part Of Thriller Aspect Of Lifetime Movie

I think one of the scariest things would be to face the police in a foreign country–especially for murder. How does this scenario add to the thriller aspect of this story and movie?

I completely agree. To be in a foreign country, not knowing who to call, cannot speak much of the language, and unsure of where to go–It would all just be terrifying. Yet, this type of distress is captivating. I think we can all relate to being in a position that we wish we were not. That being said, the audience can understand and relate to that uncomfortable feeling, all adding to the suspense of watching Lucy’s journey.

Was Filming Her Deadly Night In Paris An Emily In Paris Dream Come True For Shifra Zuckerman?

You filmed Lifetime’s Her Deadly Night In Paris in Paris, France! What was it like to make a movie in the City Of Lights? Did you feel like Emily In Paris?

Filming in Paris was a dream come true. When I initially read the script, I felt that Lucy reminded me of Emily at the beginning of the film when she first arrives and is overjoyed being in such an incredible city. So yes, Lily Collins was definitely in mind during the first half of the film.

Filming anything is always exciting but being in the city of Paris really did make it all that much more breathtaking–between the gorgeous views, the fresh food, the beautiful fashion and so much more. I loved every minute of being there.

Shifra Zuckerman’s Favorite Paris Locations Filming Her Deadly Night In Paris

Do you have any special moments or places?

We filmed in the most gorgeous places within and on the outskirts of Paris. I would say that my favorite place we filmed was on the Seine for one of the earlier scenes. Since it was my first time in Paris, I was delighted to film directly under one of the most iconic towers in the world.

I remember it was a freezing day, probably the coldest day we had while filming, and I could not feel anything on my body. Even with that, I was on such a high from being so close to the Eiffel Tower and then adding to tha tI was filming a movie–I really feel like I was dreaming.

Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime's permission
Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime’s permission

Is There Romance In Lifetime’s Her Deadly Night In Paris?

This movie is labeled a romantic thriller. The storyline sounds like a classic thriller. Will there be a lot of romance too?

Yes, there definitely is! I know the title and storyline makes it seem like a thriller, but there is a beautiful love story being told between Lucy and Antonie that happens amongst the chaos. Not the perfect timing to find love while running from the authorities, but let’s face it, nothing can stop true love.

Shifra Zuckerman Reveals Whether Filming Is Different In Paris Than In North America

Is It different to make a movie in Paris instead of LA or Vancouver?

Completely! I think each city has its own unique atmosphere, but Paris felt as if I was in a movie while making a movie. Maybe it was because I have always dreamed of being in Paris, but all of the architecture really made it feel like a movie set.

Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime's permission
Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime’s permission

Shifra Zuckerman’s Favorite Scene In Her Deadly Night In Paris

What was your favorite scene in the movie…or location?

That is a great question and very difficult for me to say, as every scene was special. There are two that come to mind with different themes–romance and action.

My favorite romantic scene is when Lucy ad Antoine are hiding in the closet at the party and have an intimate moment. I think this scene is one of the most beautiful ones of the film, as you see the couple in this battle of forbidden love. It ends up being such a pure moment between the two and we learn a lot about their chemistry from that scene.

On the other hand, my favorite action scene is when I am in the forest with Christophe. It is a very hard point in the film for Lucy and especially the audience, as everyone thinks it’s Lucy’s do-or-die moment. I believe what Lucy ends up doing by running from Christophe is yet again demonstrating pure bravery and determination in believing in herself. I love this moment for her.

Shifra Zuckerman used with Lifetime's permission
Her Deadly Night In Paris used with Lifetime’s permission

Shifra Zuckerman’s Hannah Montana Life

You are working on your Master’s Degree at USC. How do you balance work and school?

It is quite the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana life! I have been balancing school and the arts for years. While it has never been easy, I believe it comes down to becoming really good at time management and staying on top of my work for both school and acting. Keeping yourself organized, focused, and never forgetting that you are doing what you love is what makes it worth it.

Don’t miss Shifra Zuckerman in Lifetime’s Her Deadly Night In Paris. The premiere is on Saturday, August 19, at 8 p.m., Eastern on the Lifetime Channel. In addition, you can stream it the next day.

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