‘Teen Mom’ Nathan Griffith Back With Wife Amid Arrests

Nathan Griffith-Teen Mom-YouTube

Teen Mom alum Nathan Griffith appears to be back with his wife amid his arrests. This includes one for violence against his girlfriend despite being married. He also has others that are haunting against a family member. So, what exactly is going on? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Nathan Griffith Back With Wife Amid Arrests

In April 2022, Nathan Griffith tied the knot with May Oyola and it seemed like both he and his ex-fiancee, Jenelle Evans had moved on. Though they share a son, Kaiser, Evans was now married to David Eason while Griffith was a newlywed. As viewers may remember, Evans and Griffith started out great. Eventually, it turned extremely toxic and it was best that they part. It was unknown how he and May would end up working out but it was only a matter of time before it became a hot mess. According to The Hollywood Gossip, May threw Nathan out in August of last year.

Nathan Griffith-Teen Mom-YouTube
Nathan Griffith-Teen Mom-YouTube

He shared that he was now homeless but then, by February 2023, Nathan Griffith had a brand-new girlfriend. Unfortunately, he did not know how to treat her well, either. He was arrested for strangulation though she was just identified as his girlfriend and nothing else was really revealed about her. Furthermore, it was unclear how long they had been together or if he had plans to end his marriage. Then, recently, he was arrested for violent strangulation but this time, it was against his sister. The 911 call was soon released and it was terrifying.


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Yet, it does not seem to have fazed his wife as he is now back with May. Looks like everything that he did is water under the bridge and the couple is just fine. According to @teenmomfanz, his wife just shared a photo of them looking happy as can be, posing together. The two are in Las Vegas seemingly living it up but followers are not thrilled. “How this man has a wife and a side chick is what’s surprising to me,” one wrote. Another added: “if “i can’t live without a man” was a person.”

The Jenelle Evans Struggle

Followers were really confused as to how May was not terrified of Nathan Griffith. It appears she is just fine with him. As for his ex-fiancee, Jenelle Evans, she is currently struggling in her marriage. She opened up on social media about how her hubby, David Eason has caused her so much depression. More so, she alleges that she does literally everything for him and it appears he may have been unfaithful. So, while one couple is reconciling, another is falling apart.

Are you shocked that May took Nathan back? How long do you think it will last? Let us know in the comments below.

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