‘LPBW’ Fans Tell Audrey Roloff To STOP Violating Her Kids?

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Audrey Roloff of TLC’s Little People, Big World is at it again. She’s exposed her children and violated their privacy on social media. And, LPBW fans are furious about it. What exactly did she do this time that has fans so upset?

LPBW Fans Tell Audrey Roloff To STOP Violating Her Kids?

Over the weekend, Jeremy Roloff’s wife treated her followers to a Q&A session. One question asked if there were any remodeling updates. Audrey Roloff affirmed there was a huge update. Turns out, the family had a week to move out so they could start the demo process.

Attached to the answer, Audrey shared a photo with all three of her children. Fans quickly focused on Radley Roloff. The youngest member of the family was sitting in his mother’s lap. It was his lack of clothing that has fans frustrated. Wearing what appeared to be nothing more than a diaper, fans vented their frustrations.

Audrey Roloff Q&A On Instagram

One LPBW fan exclaimed in a Reddit thread dedicated to her recent Q&A session: “STOP POSTING YOUR CHILDREN NAKED. clearly intentional bc you do nothing without a heavy dose of intention. I wish IG would ban your acct.”

“In all fairness” one fan said as they defended Audrey, Radley was wearing a diaper. The fan, however, did agree a shirt or even some pajamas would have been better.

A few fans added their concerns were not just about the dangers of the Internet. They were also worried about so much of his skin being exposed to the harsh sunlight.

Audrey Roloff Q&A On Instagram

Another fan chimed in: “An intentional mom with thousands of followers can easily put the text box over her son. Field day for sickos and she knows that. These are private moments that should stay within the family unit.” 

Going a different way with their frustration, some TLC fans noted that Audrey Roloff always seems to answer the same handful of questions during her Q&A sessions. And, they question what the point of the constant sessions even is.

It’s interesting how much you can say by saying nothing at all. Audrey’s Q&A
by u/PsychoTink in LittlePeopleBigWorld

She Regularly Catches Heat For This

As TV Shows Ace has previously reported, Audrey Roloff regularly catches heat from TLC fans for violating the privacy of both her children and her husband. Many fans also argue that being so active on social media is a bit hypocritical for someone who made the decision to walk away from reality TV.

How do you feel about Audrey Roloff exposing so much of her young children on the Internet? Is she oblivious to the dangers of the Internet? Moreover, do you think she knows how so many TLC fans feel about her actions regarding her children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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