Audrey Roloff Gives Kids No Privacy, Fans Rage Over Latest Pic

Audrey Roloff - Bode Roloff - Youtube

Audrey Roloff shared another humiliating and shocking photo of her son Bode as LPBW fans double down on what a horrible mother she is. As Little People Big World fans know, Audrey and Jeremy recently sold their home. They’ve been packing things up and getting ready to clear out for the new owners. Audrey and Jeremy spent time taking pictures of the children in their rooms one last time.

Audrey Roloff also shared some footage of her children enjoying one of their final morning bike rides in the neighborhood. In a caption on top of the footage, Audrey noted she was going to miss these morning bike rides.

Audrey Roloff, YouTube
Audrey Roloff – YouTube

LPBW fans, however, had a hard time getting emotional with Audrey. They had a hard time seeing past the fact that her son Bode was merely wearing a helmet and a pair of underwear. Fans were horrified that she thought it was safe for him to ride a bike with no clothing. Moreover, fans thought it was disgusting that she would continue to share such humiliating and private photos of her son on social media.

Audrey Roloff was previously crucified for humiliating her son, Bode

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, fans have about had it with Audrey Roloff. She shared a shocking photo of her son Bode having a blow-out just before they headed out the door. The photo showed poo coming out of Bode’s underwear and running down his legs. Fans noted there were some things the world just didn’t need to see or know about. And, her son having a blowout at the age of two was one of them.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram Stories
Audrey Roloff – Instagram Stories

Jeremy Roloff’s wife strikes again with more humiliation

Sadly, Bode Roloff can’t catch a break when it comes to his mother’s Instagram activities. Recently, she posted footage of her son and daughter enjoying one of their last morning bike rides around the neighborhood. On Reddit, fans admit they are disgusted she thought posting a photo of her son in his underwear was acceptable. Likewise, there is a secondary problem as fans discuss how dangerous it is for Bode to be riding a bike without any clothing. Fans appreciated that he was wearing a helmet. But, he was still facing a serious risk of getting hurt with no other clothing on.

Do you think Audrey Roloff is taking things too far with photos of her children? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest LPBW news.

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