’90 Day Fiance’ Scott Wern Off Deep End?

Scott Wern-Instagram

Has 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Scott Wern officially gone off of the deep end? More so, why are people thinking that? Yes, he does like to make parody videos of his co-stars. Sometimes, they can be in poor taste. Additionally, his character did not come off so great in the series. So, what is up with the show alum now that has fans talking? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern Off Deep End?

Viewers were torn with Scott Wern this last season of Love In Paradise. He came to see Lidia Jimeno who he had been communicating with for a long time via the computer and such. Unfortunately, in person, they struggled. They did not speak the same language and the interpreter app did not really work. This ultimately became a problem plus Lidia’s daughter, Nicole asked completely overbearing and inappropriate questions to Scott. He finally ended it with Lidia, realizing the chemistry just was not there and the language barrier added to their struggles.

Scott Wern, Lidia Jimeno/90 Day Fiance/Instagram
Scott Wern, Lidia Jimeno-Instagram

Scott Wern tried to reconnect with an ex but he ended up scaring her away so he went back to Lidia. He wanted to try to give them a second chance at friendship. After the show, he hit up Tiffany Franco and wanted a date. She agreed to meet him with conditions but ultimately just wants to be single. Now, he has apparently gone off his rocker and a Reddit thread has been started over this. The OP started by simply writing: “Scott is UNHINGED.”

Scott Wern-Reddit
Scott Wern-Reddit

Immediately, Redditors chimed in with their disdain over him never wearing a shirt. This has become his brand. He did wear a tie when he did a Live with co-star, Dr. April Carter but still, shirtless. “Can he please just wear a shirt while he’s trying to get attention. Please,” one practically begged. Another added: ‘This is f**king hilarious. This guy is legit off the rails. I COACHED KIDS TEAMS! HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THEY DID THAT? Literally hundreds of thousands, sir. But go on with your bad self.”


It also seems that Redditors are unimpressed with Scott Wern and what he claims he has done. Especially when he poked fun at the fact that he was getting ready to file for bankruptcy for the fourth time. “‘This house!” (Gesturing wildly) “It’s mine! I own it!”…wasn’t he just in a car confessional talking about how he was homeless?” one fan pointed out. They are going between him being unhinged and boasting about the little things he does. At the same time, his followers cannot keep his stories straight, and apparently, neither can he.

What do you think of Scott Wern? Has he gone off of the deep end or is he just trying to amuse fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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