’90 Day’ Lidia’s Ex Scott Wern Caught Crossdressing, Why?

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90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Lidia Jimeno’s ex, Scott Wern was caught crossdressing. He made sure he was decked out from hair to a very flattering top. Then, he showed it off on social media. Yet, what was the purpose of this change? After all, Scott is all about being an alpha male. Read on for more details.

Lidia’s Ex Scott Wern Caught Crossdressing, Why?

It was not a love match when Lidia Jimeno and Scott Wern met in person. Though they went out and he even got someone at the bar to translate for them, the language barrier was an issue. After just a few short days of Love In Paradise, Scott ended the relationship. Lidia looked shocked but her daughter, Nicole told Scott how horrible he was. It doesn’t seem to have killed his sense of humor. Scott took a liking to his fellow cast member, Dr. April Carter. So much so, that it led him to go and have professionals put a wig on him and doll him up.

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He documented his transformation on his Instagram as well as the final result in a since-deleted selfie. Scott Wern wrote in the caption of the video: ” Thank you for making me beautiful and DR Carter lol Irene’s beauty salon!” April actually chimed in on his transformation: “Fabulous work. These ladies are hands down the best.” Other fans and followers loved the fun side of Scott and felt that he may have been too much for Lidia to handle. They also appreciated how much he supported his co-stars.

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It is interesting that Scott Wern has taken a liking to Dr. Carter. April has been somewhat controversial this season of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise. She is not just a doctor but an entrepreneur with severe OCD. When she arrived to see her beau, Valentine in the Dominican Republic, she was seen with her Lysol in hand. This actually happened on the plane. More so, she refused to use his family’s bathroom because she did not deem it sanitary enough. In the upcoming episode, she is seen looking for him after he left her for three days.

Scott & Lidia

As for Scott Wern and Lidia Jimeno, fans were eager to see her find love after a decade alone. However, they also knew how hard she could be to tolerate after The Family Chantel. The two got along just fine when they were talking on the computer but had no idea how hard being in person would be. Lidia seemed to think Scott was the problem but it appeared that they both just did not click and that is okay. He has stayed positive and made fans around the world.

What do you think of Scott’s transformation? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise Mondays on TLC.

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