‘90 Day Fiance’ Scott Wern Shoots Shot With Fellow Cast Mate

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90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Scott Wern is shooting his shot with a fellow cast mate. It seems that he has not had much luck in paradise. Therefore, he is expanding his horizons but not leaving the TLC family. So, who does he have his sights set on now? More so, does this person want anything to do with him? Read on for all of the details.

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern Shoots Shot With Fellow Cast Mate

Scott Wern traveled to the Dominican Republic on Love In Paradise to meet Lidia, Pedro Jimeno’s mother. They had a great connection from afar as he resided in Florida. However, once they were in person, everything changed. Though they did connect, they did not speak the same language and his translator app did not work. He found someone to help them on their first date but it was already a lost cause. Plus, her daughter, Nicole came in and interrogated him about his past and it was quite rude and invasive. Finally, Scott told Lidia it was over.

Scott Wern-Facebook
Scott Wern-Facebook

He then had his ex, Lis come to see him as she lived there, as well. Unfortunately, he was rushing everything and scared her away. The season finale for Love In Paradise will air Monday, July 3rd on TLC. During this episode, it appears that Scott Wern will go back to Lidia. As to how she will receive him is yet to be seen but he did put out a since-deleted social medial video declaring that he is single. Now, he is shooting his shot with 90 Day Fiance cast member Tiffany Franco.


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Scott made a video on his Instagram and said that he thought she was very beautiful and that he had a little crush on her. All he wanted was to come to see her for one day. As for Tiffany, she had no idea what she should make of this or what she should even do. Eventually, she told her followers and Scott that she would let them know what she decided within a short period of time. Of course, people were telling her no.

The Verdict

Ultimately, Tiffany Franco made a video and said that if it got 1K comments, she would let Scott Wern come to see her for the day. However, she had conditions. He had to let her do a full face of makeup on him. So far, it has garnered over 2K comments so this could very well happen. It will be interesting to see the two of them come together and if he follows her terms.

Do you think Scott and Tiffany would make a could combo or is he just using her for more screen time? Let us know and watch the season finale of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise Monday on TLC.

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