‘Alaska The Last Frontier’ Jane Kilcher Shares Divorce News

Atz Lee, Jane Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier - YouTube

Alaska The Last Frontier fans who have been waiting on information about a new season got a shocking surprise on Sunday. What information did Jane Kilcher share about Atz Lee Kilcher that should shock fans of the Discovery show?

Here is the latest news.

Jane Kilcher Shares Shocking News About Atz Lee Kilcher

On Sunday, Alaska The Last Frontier star Jane Kilcher posted on Facebook to share some personal news that will shock fans of the Discovery series. “Here we go. Atz Lee is divorcing me and it is very unfortunate but I cannot control it. Lost my best friend and it hurts but I guess that is life. It won’t stop me ❤️.”

This is a huge shocker for anyone who has watched the Discovery series. This is a couple that worked hard together and fought through extreme weather, illness, and obstacles together. Atz Lee and Jane were one of the most solid couples on television. Were there any clues that there was trouble in their marriage?

Alaska The Last Frontier, Atz Lee, Jane Kilcher - Instagram
Alaska The Last Frontier, Atz Lee, Jane Kilcher – Instagram

During Covid, Atz Lee shared on Instagram a photo of Jane, as well as his son Etienne, and her daughter Piper. Despite the worldwide panic, the Kilchers seemed peaceful. He wrote, “The only people I’ve ever needed to be closer than six feet. #family.”

However, a few years back, before the worldwide pandemic, it seemed that there was some strife on television. He was building a cabin in the woods, and she was mad he was away from her.

Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier - Instagram
Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher, Alaska The Last Frontier – Instagram

 Alaska The Last Frontier Star Traveling, Bering Sea Gold

Although Jane and Atz Lee seemed to be cozy during the pandemic, Jane Kilcher has been doing her own thing for most of the past year, post-Covid.

Jane and Emily, Alaska The Last Frontier - Instagram
Jane and Emily, Alaska The Last Frontier – Instagram

For example, Jane was on Bering Sea Gold with Emily Riedel for a stint during this time. The two besties had a lot of fun hanging out, while viewers got two fan favorites together. In the social media photos, Atz Lee joked about wanting his wife back. That was less than a year ago, in late 2022. That does not sound like a guy about to file for divorce.

Charlotte Kilcher, Jane Kilcher Alaska The Last Frontier - YouTube
Charlotte Kilcher, Jane Kilcher Alaska The Last Frontier – YouTube

But, in 2023, it seemed that Jane spent a lot of time away from Atz Lee. Eventually, Jane returned to her social media to chat about how many fans she meets while traveling internationally. But she did not reveal if she was with Atz Lee, or if she was traveling solo. She never mentioned Mr. Kilcher, nor were there any photos of him beyond ones fromthe homestead. That was unusual as they used to share a lot of photos together.

Jane Kilcher-Alaska The Last Frontier- Facebook
Jane Kilcher-Alaska The Last Frontier- Facebook

She promised to share posts about her “besties” Charlotte Kilcher and Emily. She never mentioned Atz Lee. However, two months later, her latest post does. Sadly, this relationship is over, but Jane Kilcher continues to prove that she is not one to be knocked down.

Alaska The Last Frontier fans, are you shocked by this announcement? Did you see it coming? Share your comments below.

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    1. that is not fair to say that. i wondered about their relationship as i watch bering sea gold. looks to me jane has gained some weight. maybe atz lee needs another women.

    2. He will be better off. She was not funny. Tell her not to come back if things don!t work out. I ! M sure Otto will miss her. Like a hernia. all the years never seen any affection from her.

        1. There was an evident change in him after the fall over the cliff and I believe that he needed to build the cabin as a way of healing, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually and she didn’t see that and gave him a hard time about it instead of being there for him and supporting him in that journey.

          1. Please, feel for Jayne at the time as he may of been healing himself but he thought nothing of dragging his Wife 49 k away from the people (his family) she knew, to somewhere in the middle of know-ware…the fact was, he thought of nobody but himself, selfish and forgetting they were married…he needed to stay Home to Heal…now, this has blown up as it would under these circumstances

      1. I’ve thought the same thing. He seems to be extremely romantic where Jane is concerned, Jane not so much. As long as she was fishing or hanging with Charlotte and Jewel she seemed happy. I hate to see them split. I’m a huge fan and only wish them all the best!💜💜

        1. We don’t know their personal lives. We only see what producers want us to see. While Jane is a bit different he knew that when he married her. He was deeply affected by his injuries and I can’t help but wonder if he has an injury to the part of his brain that controls emotions. They seemed like a solid couple but again we only know what we are spoon fed by the show. Bless them both and I hope they both find happiness. As for Jane being different, well different isn’t always a bad thing.

  1. It’s just as well. I never thought she “fit in” with the rest of Kilchers. Not a woodsy gal at all. Good luck to all.

  2. He has not been that same since the bad fall he had. He seemed to only think of himself The way he kept going and leaving Jane to do everything on her own

    1. that is a good observation..
      i noticed that too…he got tough and from then on after the accident it was different..GOD Bless The Kilchers..
      i use to watch that show….
      i Love Jewel’s music also…

  3. face it….Jane, Charlotte, Otto, August, Ivan, and his family make the show. The rest are just hokey pokey posers. The newcomers seem interesting, Nico and wife are too. If Jane,Charlotte, Otto leave there is no show.

  4. It’s sad to me, but he did leave her alone a lot after his accident his wants were more important and then I can understand having a life and death situation changes a person I never was a big fan of hers. I thought she was too dramatic at times, but he brought her into his life that belong to him and his family. Sorry they didn’t work out but maybe they’re both better off never like seeing anybody break up. And they have a child? together don’t really know if it’s her child or both.but It’s so hard on the kids and divorce is nothing new for him. This is Wife number two just saying.

  5. I never like hearing about anyone getting divorced.
    And it’s just mean for people to bash either one of them on here.
    Shame on you.
    Just wish them well and leave the negative crap behind.
    This is their life experience and your negative input helps no one but you (not sure how it makes you feel better).
    best wishes to them both!

  6. I love Jane. Atz Lee a bit self centered like a lot of men. Good luck finding a Sheera like Jane. Willing to do all that hard work and living remotely. Think you messed up Atz but then I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Always loved this show. Otto and Charlotte badass people. Best to all.

  7. We enjoy the program with all of the diversity in the characters. Sorry to lose Jane. She was creative and fun to watch her make her dreams come true, like her woman-cave!

    Has to be hard on everyone. All the best!

    Cheryl & Bud

  8. Jane was always sarcastic and passive aggressive. They were the odd couple that always had a bit of cringe to all their time on AtLF. Hope the best for both, they just weren’t meant to be.

  9. Atz Lee is as troubled as is his nutty father. Come on people Atz is a stick of dynamite ready to go off at the drop of a coin.

  10. It’s really too bad that they are getting a divorce. When I saw Jane on Bering Sea Gold I thought it was the end of her life as a Kilcher. she was never that into building a cabin and living so far out away from everyone. I wish them both happiness and good health the rest of their lives.

  11. In what world is THAT fair to say?! You say it’s unfair to say if Atz Lee is goofy or not but then critique a woman for her weight? Go have a hard look at yourself.

    1. Jane Kilcher is pulling a Emily Reidel,That is to say Emily got her start being a “hang around” in the gold fields of dreams and then Emily upgraded her non descript title to “Troll”.Emily and Jane both have the personality of a 2 by 4. and the looks that makes paint curl.Emily is the laziest non desrving thief on the show.Dont get me going on her ugly kid and ugly ole man..I do miss Steve Reidel tho.Have a great day Lindsey,call me….Peace

  12. I’m sorry to see them break up. I doubt the show will continue. They were one of the main three groups. I don’t know how many people know this, but Jane is an RN that spent COVID working in the local hospital. What has Atz Lee ever done? She has a lot to fall back on. What does he have?

  13. I cannot believe some of the comments I’ve read here. I know people can change, but she changed her whole lifestyle for him. She came from money and she obviously loved him. Heck, she nursed him back to health when he fell! Then he built a beautiful house she loved, they even had a piano helicoptered in… then he decided to stay in a cabin and far away from his family. I hate it for both of them because a fall like that, if his frontal lobe was injured, it can change his personality. I wish him the best… but Jane learned to shoot, fish and bring home the bacon lol then after all she did, he wants a divorce. I’m sorry for them both … prayers !!!

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