Discovery Crossover With ‘Alaska: TLF,’ ‘Bering Sea Gold’: Details


It looks like Discovery has a big crossover. Bering Sea Gold’s Emily Riedel and Alaska: The Last Frontier’s Jane Kilcher just finished filming in Nome, Alaska together.

Yet, what are they filming?

We have some details about this filming that should make both fan bases very happy.

Discovery Has A Crossover Show, But Who Is Crossing Over?

Recently, Discovery has been filming a crossover. For a few months now, fans have noticed that Alaska, The Last Frontier star Jane Kilcher has been hanging out with her pal, Bering Sea Gold’s Emily Riedel.

Just last week, Emily posted a photo of her, and Jane, Emily’s baby girl Evie, hubby, and brother on Instagram with the words, “That’s a wrap 🎥”

Atz Lee responded with, “Give me back my wife!😂”

Therefore, this sounds like Jane will be on Emily’s show. However, what confirms it is Jane’s own Facebook page. Just a few days ago, Jane wrote, “So lucky to be part of two discovery shows – Alaska: The Last Frontier and Bering Sea Gold Emily Riedel… just wrapping a super fun season and going home to the homestead ❤️ . New episode tonite- let me know how it goes!!!!!”

The new episode she is referring to is her original reality series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Season 11 premiered on October 9. Discovery fans can now catch up with the Kilcher family on their Alaskan homestead.

Yet, what about Bering Sea Gold Season 15?


When Will Discovery Premiere Bering Sea Gold Season 15?

Will the next season of Bering Sea Gold premiere soon? Unfortunately, Discovery has not announced anything about the next season. Generally, the network will make an announcement two-to-four weeks prior to the season premiere date.

Moreover, there does not seem to be any sort of communication as to why there is such a long gap between seasons.

Discovery may choose to wait until after the holiday season to premiere a new season of Bering Sea Gold. They broadcast hundreds of shows, and this season they will also air several holiday movies.

However, Emily Riedel has shared on her Facebook page that she is not given advance notification of what Discovery plans to do. She gets inundated with messages from people asking her when the series will be back.

Discovery commissioned over 550 original television shows in 2021, 150 more than the next-closest network. I am one of literally thousands of cast members that work for the network. Grateful as I am for the gig, believe it or not they don’t have time to sit down and give me the programming details.

Therefore, Emily does not know when the show will be back on the air.

Emily Riedel & Jane Kilcher Are Best Pals

Jane Kilcher is not only helping Emily Riedel mine gold, but the two are good pals. Most of all, it should be a fun season to see the two together on Bering Sea Gold Season 15.


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