Savannah Chrisley Talks New Family Reality Show

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It is no secret that Savannah Chrisley’s family is gearing up for a new reality TV series. She teased behind-the-scene snaps on her Instagram Stories a while back. Nanny Faye has admitted on both Savannah and Lindsie’s podcasts that she’s ready to return to TV. Lindsie Chrisley has addressed rumors of her family returning to television. And, even Chase Chrisley discussed returning to television while making a guest appearance on a podcast.

Turns out, Savannah Chrisley recently opened up a bit more about her family’s future in reality TV via her Instagram Stories. And, one fan was kind enough to record the Instagram Stories update and publish it on Reddit for everyone to see.

So, what did Savannah Chrisley have to say about her family’s return to reality TV? Keep scrolling for the details!

Savannah Chrisley smiling in podcast snap [Source: Instagram]
Savannah Chrisley smiling in podcast snap [Source: Instagram]

Savannah Chrisley Talks New Family Reality Show

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s daughter Savannah took to Instagram because there were wild rumors going on that a Chrisley documentary was brewing. Savannah said that she decided to pop on her Instagram Stories to quickly shut the rumors down. She explained that she and her family are NOT involved in any sort of documentary about their family. In fact, she insisted that if a documentary were to come out that fans should not believe it as it will be full of lies.

She doubled down noting that she, Chase, and both of the kids have refused any approaches about a documentary. So, anything that happens will be without their involvement.

Chase Chrisley - Savannah Chrisley - Lindsie Chrisley Instagram
Chase Chrisley – Savannah Chrisley – Lindsie Chrisley Instagram

Savannah Chrisley, however, did affirm that a new reality TV series was happening. She explained that they partnered with an incredible production studio and were bringing their reality to life. Savannah did make a point to note that this would be the family’s first real experience with reality TV. As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, Savannah, Nanny Faye, and Todd all exclaimed that Chrisley Knows Best morphed into a scripted comedy show loosely based on reality. But, it stopped being about telling their real story.

As far as fans know, Savannah, Chase, Grayson, Chloe, and Nanny Faye will all be involved in the new series. Lindsie Chrisley has expressed being open to being involved in TV again. She, however, doesn’t appear to want to explore it without her parents being involved to tell their story.

Savannah talks about the documentary, new reality show, chrisley&co. (I know not everyone has Instagram so figured I’d share it here)
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Are you excited that the Chrisley family is gearing up to return to television? Did it surprise you that they decided to kick off a new series with Todd and Julie behind bars? More importantly, will you be tuning in to watch this new series? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley family news and updates.

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  1. We love the Chrisley TV shows & can’t wait for the new one! We will be watching…Thanks Savannah. 🙂

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