Is ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Scripted & Fake? Fans Defend Their Favorite Show

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Could Chrisley Knows Best be more of a fake scripted show than a reality show?

The biggest complaint fans of reality TV shows such as Chrisley Knows Best have is wondering how much of the show is actually reality. Does the production crew really capture how the Chrisley family’s lives actually play out? Or, are we getting a scripted version that is crafted to get more views?

Is Chrisley Knows Best scripted?

The USA network is currently airing new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best. So, the official Instagram account for the series is especially active. It uploads short video clips from both new and old episodes nearly every day. And, fans are mostly here for it. They enjoy seeing so many hilarious and fun clips of their favorite family.

Unfortunately, not everyone has positive things to say in the comments of the Instagram posts. Some who follow the Instagram page don’t even really like the show. In fact, they criticize the show for being fake and scripted.

“Fake a** scripted show! Nothing real about it! I wonder how many takes this scene took!” One individual exclaimed in an Instagram post from four days ago.

Just a few people liked the comment indicating that the individual above wasn’t completely alone in feeling this way. Those who responded, however, took issue with the comment. Mostly, they didn’t understand why someone who had so much beef with the show would watch it. Moreover, why did they follow the page?

“Then why are you watching and following?” One individual questioned.

A second chimed in: “Everyone knows how these shows works….its called entertainment not a documentary.”

And, there were many fans who noted it didn’t matter if it was scripted or not. Some even expressed they expected a reality show to be scripted for entertainment. But, they loved the family anyway.

The original poster, however, did have some that agreed with him. “Very true. It’s embarrassing to watch,” one individual added in agreement.

Concerns the show is fake extend to other Instagram posts.

In a separate Instagram post, some individuals also questioned the house itself. They asked why there did not appear to be anything personal in the home they did all of the filming for Chrisley Knows Best. Is the show both scripted and staged? Do they not even film in their actual home?

One individual suggested they believed the family films episodes at a second home. A home they only use during production of the series.

Both fans and those who don’t care for the show seem to think the show is scripted. The difference is true fans of the series don’t seem to care that the show might be scripted and fake. They love it anyway.

So, is Chrisley Knows Best scripted, staged, and fake? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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