New ‘Hoffman Family Gold’: Todd Looking At Old-Time Miner’s Drift

Todd Hoffman, Hoffman Family Gold - Used with Discovery's permission

In the fifth episode of the Gold Rush spinoff, Hoffman Family Gold, Todd Hoffman has to look for other ways to reach his season goal. Now, he heads out to an old-time miner’s drift to see if he has better luck.

What else is happening in the upcoming episode entitled, “Pirates Of The Tundra”?

Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery's permission
Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery’s permission

What Is Hoffman Family Gold Episode 5 About?

The Hoffman crew has a lot of pressure in the fifth episode of Hoffman Family Gold entitled “Pirates Of The Tundra.” In this latest episode of the Discovery show, Todd realizes he has to make some changes if they want to reach that make-or-break total of 1,000 ounces this season. Todd has it all on the line.

Where can Todd find some better paydirt? He decides to go old school, and with Jack’s help, they look for an old-time miner’s drift. Creating horizontal paths to the gold could help them get to pay faster. They need to break open the weekly totals and increase their weigh-ins. Will this old-time method help Todd and Jack get to the gold?

Hunter Hoffman Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery's permission
Hunter Hoffman Hoffman Family Gold, used with Discovery’s permission

‘Pirates Of The Tundra’ Episode Features Black Pearl

In the Hoffman Family Gold episode “Pirates Of The Tundra,” Hunter Hoffman and the Black Pearl are the main events. Even Todd’s latest post on Twitter is a poster that asks, “Can Hunter Deliver?” That seems to be the theme of the season.

Firstly, Hunter’s band of pirates needs to turn on the Black Pearl. This is their first opportunity to know how they work as a team. They need to perform well for Hunter to prove to his father that he knows what he is doing.

First, they get to work, but the ┬ásluice doesn’t exactly work as they planned. They have a multitude of issues. They need to do a bushfix on some leaking and pump issues on the sluice.

How does Hunter deal with the stress? Is he showing some leadership qualities that could help him lead his team to success? Turns out, Hunter can be very responsible. He sees these setbacks as temporary. Now, he has to get fixing so they can start sluicing.

Hunter and his team do the work, and finally, they get it working great again. He has a goal in mind, and nothing is going to stop him now.

Don’t miss the latest episode of Hoffman Family Gold on Friday, July 14, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. This series is also available to stream on Max and Discovery+.

Be sure to stay for the next episode of Gold Rush Mine Rescue With Freddy And Juan. This airs on Friday, July 14, at 10 p.m., Eastern, only on Discovery.

Gold Rush fans, do you think Hunter’s team will find gold this week?

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