Courtney Waldrop Gets Up Close With Real Bear On Latest Trip

Courtney Waldrop and a bear - Instagram

Courtney Waldrop of TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets shared a scary and exciting update on her Instagram Stories as she got close and personal with a real-life bear during their recent trip. Why did the former reality TV star come face-to-face with a real-life bear? And, are all of her children alright? Keep reading for the details.

Courtney Waldrop comes face-to-face with an actual bear

To Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s surprise, they had an unexpected frequent visitor near their cabin during their recent trip. Courtney shared a photo of a black bear standing up on two legs with his front pans wrapped around a wire basket.

“Hello, Mr. Bear.” She penned in a caption on the photo as she proceeded to explain how she came face-to-face with this wild animal.

Turns out, Courtney Waldrop and her family recently took a bit of a nature getaway and were spending some time in a cabin. During their stay, there was a black bear who frequently came near the cabin. Now, Sweet Home Sextuplets assume the bear was just looking for food. But, that didn’t make the situation any less scary.

Courtney Waldrop - YouTube
Courtney Waldrop – YouTube

Knowing that her Instagram followers would fear for the safety of her children, Courtney quickly reassured everyone that they always checked the area to see if the bear was lurking anywhere anytime anyone left the cabin.

Did the bear hurt anyone?

Now, the wording of the caption on Courtney’s photo of the bear suggests that she didn’t share this Instagram Story update until after they returned home from their trip. Fans speculate it is possible she just didn’t have a good enough signal from the cabin to share photos on Instagram during the trip. Considering the photo was posted after the trip, fans can also assume that Courtney, Eric, and all of their children are fine after what sounds like a few scary encounters with this wild animal.

Here is the photo Courtney shared of the bear hanging out near the cabin on her Instagram Stories:

Courtney Waldrop shares bear photo on Instagram
Courtney Waldrop shares bear photo on Instagram

In Full Vacation Mode

Courtney Waldrop’s Instagram activity suggests the family remains in full vacation mode. Just yesterday, she shared a video of the entire family taking a splash at a water park. She jested in the caption: “We really do make a big splash when we go to the water park.” The TLC mother admitted there were even a few whispers from guests at the park regarding how many children she had as they “just kept coming” down the water slide.

In the comments, fans praised Courtney and Eric for making the tough decision to leave reality TV as their children seem to be grounded, healthy, and extremely happy away from the cameras.

Do you think it was scary knowing there was a bear hanging around outside of their cabin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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