Bethenny Frankel Drops $20K On Shocking Purchase

Bethenny Frankel-YouTube

RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel has just dropped 20K on a shocking purchase. She is always promoting budget-friendly items on her social media. Yet, she has been a little out of touch lately. So, what did she drop her money on and why is it so shocking? Read on for more details.

Bethenny Frankel Drops $20K On Shocking Purchase

Recently, Bethenny Frankel has been making waves. She made a video showing off her massive diamond engagement ring from her fiance, Paul Bernon. Many fans felt that this was an out-of-touch post to share but the former RHONY star never seems to care about what she says. In fact, she frequently takes to social media to share her thoughts on everything and anything even if it is not warranted. That has become her brand along with Skinnygirl. It is interesting to see how much she has shifted considering when she started on Bravo, she had nothing.

Bethenny Frankel-YouTube
Bethenny Frankel-YouTube

Bethenny Frankel was just a woman with passion and a cute dog named Cookie. Then, she blew up with her margarita mix and the rest is history. Now, she is shocking everyone with a 20K purchase. So, what did the mother of Bryn buy? According to Page Six, Frankel has just dropped 20K on a one-of-a-kind Chanel bag which is in the shape of a birdcage. She shared the unboxing of this very interesting find on her Instagram page. Fans watched along and, with the exception of Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, they thought this was an insane piece to buy.


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“ok, as much as I love Chanel, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. come on, now, even for Chanel, this is stupid,” one fan wrote. Another added: “Now you’ve really lost me. You’re no longer that ‘hustler ‘ business woman that we all fell in love with years ago. You’re now just another extremely wealthy person with 1st world problems.”

Hypocritical Much?

One follower pointed out how Bethenny Frankel had apparently gone on a rant on her podcast. She knocked bloggers who unboxed expensive items as they were sending the wrong message out. However, now she was doing the exact thing she criticized others for doing. It seemed she could not practice what she preached. Fortunately, fans did seem to appreciate Bethenny’s pajamas so that was a win for her but overall, they did not like this piece at all. Nor did they like her showing it off in the way that she did.

What are your thoughts on Bethenny spending 20K on a Chanel birdcage purse? Do you think she should do whatever she wants with her money sans judgment? Or, are people getting tired of her saying one thing then doing another? Let us know in the comments below.

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