Bethenny Frankel Turns Everyone Off With ‘Out Of Touch’ Brag

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Bethenny Frankel is turning everyone off with her extremely “out of touch” brag. The RHONY alum loves to dish about celebrities and her fellow Bravo family. Oftentimes, the general public agrees with what she has to say and appreciates that she keeps it real. Yet this time, it seemed like she went a little bit too far and made herself beyond unrelatable. What happened? Read on for more details.

Bethenny Frankel Turns Everyone Off With ‘Out Of Touch’ Brag

When viewers first met Bethenny Frankel in Season 1 of RHONY, she was a girl with a dream. She did not have much but admittedly, she had passion. Her goal was to work with food and create a healthy line of eats but she really sparked something with her Skinnygirl Margaritas. That launched into a whole brand of cocktails and treats plus clothing and beyond. She left the series at the end of Season 3 and landed two spin-offs as she was newly pregnant and married. Sadly, her union with Jason Hoppey ended and it was an extremely long and contentious divorce.

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Bethenny Frankel returned to RHONY in Season 7 and was even more opinionated than before. Fans either loved or hated her. In Season 11, she lost her “fiance” Dennis Shields to substance abuse but started seeing an old friend, Paul Bernon. They eventually fell in love, she left the show, and they got engaged. The ring was massive but it seemed to work for Bethenny. However, she recently made a video showing off her gigantic ring and, according to Page Six, it was deemed “out of touch.”

She started it with one and two-carat rings, joking about minor intimate acts needed to get to these rings. So, the punchline was asking what she would have to do for her massive diamond. Of course, upon seeing this ring, fans were shocked. They immediately took to Twitter to react. “She has turned into exactly the persons who she started out making fun of,” one wrote. Another added: “Given that Bethenny loves to be the moral police on everything, I’m glad people are calling her out for this egregious and tone-deaf post.”

Defending Bethenny

There are some Bethenny Frankel fans who did not mind that she was flaunting the ring. They felt that she worked for her money and deserves to show off what she has. The only concern was that she was putting herself at risk by doing so. In any case, it is a massive diamond, and if she loves it, more power to her.

Do you think that Bethenny’s post was a tad too tone-deaf? Should she be more mindful of those who do don’t have as much? Let us know in the comments below.

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