‘Bachelorette:’ Rachel Recchia Highlights Breast Reduction Scars

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Bachelorette Rachel Recchia first talked about breast reduction surgery back in February this year, and now she’s proudly revealing the scars. As she waited for years to get it done and never had any implants, fans love that she now feels good about herself.

Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Wanted To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Years of wishing for smaller breasts impacted the life of The Bachelor alum. As Bachelor Nation fans know, the flight instructor hoped for it since the age of 17. While so many people opt for implants, she went the other way. People seem to like her a lot because she seemed to handle the break-up with Tino Franco who cheated on her, with maturity. Actually, she wished him happiness when she spoke with the Almost Famous podcast in May this year.

Bachelorette fans heard that the ABC star hoped for the life-changing surgery because she struggled with working out and fitness levels. In fact, living with larger breasts can be uncomfortable for many women. Ahead of her surgery, she reached out on TikTok and appealed for some input from others who experienced the same thing. Of course, fans love it when they get a chance to interact with their favorite TV stars. So, she got a lot of support.


why i’m getting a breast reduction part 2 ✨

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Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Reveals Her Breast Reduction Scars

Recently, Rachel took to her Instagram account and posted up a photo of herself in a green sleeveless dress that clearly revealed a scar from her surgery. Posing with her side to the camera, she showed off her back, but all eyes were on that scar. Talk about being real! Actually, fans agreed that her happiness looked really obvious. Of those in the comments who seemed happiest for her, were those who underwent the same surgery.

Bachelorette ABC Rachel Recchia Highlights Instagram
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Naturally, Bachelorette fans were quick to reach out in the comments. One especially supportive follower said, “I had the same surgery 20 years ago when I was a teenager. No regrets, ever. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. ❤️” 

Meanwhile, more support came from an ABC fan who wrote, “I so love this, I had the same surgery a couple weeks after you did and have been insecure about my scars showing, but seeing this made me feel proud of them 💜.”

Fans Praise The Candid Photo

One thing about Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is that fans love how real she always seems to be. What you see is what you get and she makes no apologies for it. Nowadays, she seems to inspire those who also had breast reduction surgery done, but who felt a bit shy about revealing the scars. Perhaps they will now have the confidence to share their own photos.

In her caption, Rachel said, “i want to see scars out! (except in direct exposure to sunlight ofc).”

What are your thoughts? Can you relate to the Bachelor Nation star? Sing out in the comments below.

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