Uncle Dale Mills & Aunt KiKi ‘Fix’ TLC’s ‘OutDaughtered’ Promo

Uncle Dale Mills - Aunt KiKi Mills - Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills and his wife Aunt KiKi jokingly admit they needed to “fix” TLC’s promo photos for Season 9 of OutDaughtered. Both Uncle Dale and his wife Crystal (KiKi) took to their own Instagram profiles a couple of hours ago with their version of TLC’s promo photos for the Season 9 Premiere. What did the promo photos look like after everyone’s favorite aunt and uncle fixed them? Scroll down to check them out.

Aunt KiKi Mills Fixes One Promo Photo

Crystal Mills took a promo photo featuring Blayke Busby and her sisters and “fixed” it to include their beloved Aunt KiKi. The girls’ aunt took a selfie of herself with her tongue sticking out and cropped herself out of the photo and photoshopped herself into the promo.

Crystal penned in her Instagram post: “THE BEST AUNT IS BACK, HA! Who is watching tonight?!”

Here is the new promo photo after Aunt KiKi fixed it:

Uncle Dale Mills Fixes Three OutDaughtered Promo Photos

In true Uncle Dale Mills’ fashion, the TLC star didn’t think it was enough to fix just one promo photo. Instead, he decided to photoshop three different promos to make sure he was included in them.

The first photo featured just Adam and Danielle Busby snuggled up with huge smiles on their faces. Uncle Dale photoshopped himself into the photo with his arm appearing to be wrapped around the couple as he made as awkward of a face as he possibly could.

The second promo photo he fixed was the same one his wife inserted herself into. Uncle Dale worked a photo of himself with his chin resting in the palms of both hands as they curved up into a bit of a heart shape around his face.

The third promo featured Adam, Danielle, and all of their girls in a circle. They were all looking down presumably at the camera snapping the photo from the ground. Uncle Dale worked a photo of his face into the blue space in the center of the Busby family circle.

He penned in the caption of his photo: “Make sure to tune in tonight 9/8c on TLC for the new season of Outdaughtered. Did you miss me?”

Dale Mills | Instagram
Dale Mills | Instagram

OutDaughtered Fans Reacted To The Adjusted Photos

Uncle Dale Mills has around 100K more followers than his wife Crystal. So, it is no surprise that his post appeared to get a little more traction in the comments. Many fans admitted they would like Uncle Dale to have his own show. Some jested the TLC uncle clearly carried the show on his back. Here’s one some OutDaughtered fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Of course! The best part of the show! I totally agree that the show must be titled Uncle Dale & The Girls!”
  • #DAZEL is back!!!!”
  • “Carrying the whole show on his back.”
  • “Dale should have his own show”

Overall, OutDaughtered fans were thrilled the show was coming back and they thought the “fixed” promo photos were hilarious.

Which photo did you think was the best? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.


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