Aunt KiKi & Uncle Dale Mills Slay In Date Night Jeans

Crystal Mills- Instagram

TLC’s OutDaughtered follows the Busby family. Adam and Danielle Busby are raising quints, as well as a preteen daughter. The show has followed them for years. There have even been rumors that the Busby tribe is coming back and has been filming again! These rumors happened when Instagram influencers saw the family filming for Danielle’s boutique, Graeson Bee. The rumors spread quickly and it really made fans want more of the Busby’s. Even though the rumors may not be true, fans have still kept up with the Busby’s. They love to check in with them and recently spotted Uncle Dale Mills and Aunt Kiki (Crystal Mills) on a romantic date.

Aunt Kiki and Uncle Dale Mills Loved By All

The last time that we saw the Busby family was in February 2021. Fans loved watching the quints with Adam and Danielle. The quints also have a special place in their hearts for Uncle Dale Mills and Aunt Kiki. Dale and Kiki have been staples of the show. We’ve seen them surprise the girls with pizza parties and on their camping trips. Kiki recently celebrated her 40th birthday and Dale Mills was quick to show his love for her.

Dale Mills- Instagram
Dale Mills- Instagram

Dale was quick to share his love for Kiki. He posted some clips from their life together. He captioned them, “Happy 40th to my cougar, Kiki! Age is surely a number because you are still as hot as ever still! Love you more and more each day! Thank God you’re mine!” Kiki wanted to share some of her birthday celebrations too. Fans were shocked to see her dancing very erotically on the dance floor. She showed her fans that no matter how old she is, she still likes to get low.

Uncle Dale and Kiki’s Romantic Date Night

As soon as fans saw Dale Mills’ latest Instagram post, they were happy to see these two still going out on romantic dates. Dale and Kiki have been together for over a decade. Dale does his best to share his memories of her with his fans. He shares throwback photos from when they were in their 20s, young and having fun. Dale also will share moments like date nights with their fans to show that the love between them is still alive and well!


Dale Mills- Instagram
Dale Mills- Instagram

Fans were impressed at how great Dale Mills and Kiki look these days. Additionally, in a date night photo, fans applauded the couple for looking so good! One of their fans wrote to them, “Wow! Can you guys be any more gorgeous?!” Another added, “You guys are the best thing on the show! I wish you would come back! I love seeing you two with the quints!”

It turns out that Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki got a lot of love in their newest post. Additionally, their fans really liked their outfits. What did you think of their jeans and boots? Let us know in the comments below. Stay here at Tv Shows Ace for more Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki updates.

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