‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Gifts Mom Surprise Of A Lifetime

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The Bachelor Nick Viall just did something truly amazing for his mother. He gave her the gift of a lifetime that no doubt nobody will ever be able to beat. Keep reading to find out what he did. It’s truly very sweet.

Nick Viall gifts his mom with something truly amazing

Former Bachelor and current host of The Viall Files just did something really amazing for his mother. He shared videos on social media about the special purchase he made and some sentimental reasons behind it.

Nick began a video by showing a tattoo he has on his chest of a house. That house is the lake house his grandfather built when his mother was younger. They lost the house 32 years ago. Now, Nick bought it back.

He said, “This is a tattoo of the lake house my grandfather built in 1965 that we lost when I was 9 when he died. This place was always the version of heaven in my mind. I just bought it back and gave it to my mom.”

Nick Viall, YouTube

Nick gave his mother a card which she opened to realize that Nick had bought back her old family home. He even showed a video of his mom and her brother on the swing they swang on as children. Plus, they had all carved their names in the steps in 1965. He showed that on video as well.

Nick went on to say, “After losing the house 32 years ago, I finally brought it back in the family.” In the comments of his TikTok he wrote “I had recurring dreams my entire life since we lost the house in 1990 about somehow having the house back in our family. I always woke up. I’m living a literal dream. No more waking up from this one.”

More video shows him and Natalie out on the lake in a boat along with a beautiful sunset.


After 32 years out of the family we finally have the lake house back! family lakelife

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Natalie Joy is excited for their future children to make memories at the lake house

Natalie also shared her excitement for the new lake home. She said, “What a JOURNEY this has been!! We will create the most beautiful memories here and our children will get to grow up enjoying the same slice of heaven their dad grew up enjoying.”

She joked that now that they have bought a lake house they are never coming home.

Nick and Natalie via INsta 2

The two look incredibly happy as does Nick’s mom. Such a touching story and a grand gesture by Nick for his family.

What do you think about Nick’s big purchase?


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