Wendy Williams’ Ex Sells House Amid Big Money Troubles

Wendy Williams - The Wendy Williams Show - Entertainment Tonight, YouTube

Wendy Williams‘ ex-husband is being forced to sell his house in Florida amid some big money troubles.

Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter has to sell the home in Parkland, Florida, months after losing a court battle against his ex-wife.  As money troubles mount, Kevin found himself forced to make some difficult decisions. Read on to find out why Kevin is struggling after a divorce from Wendy, and learn about his now-for-sale Florida home.

Kevin’s Money Troubles Mount After Divorce From Wendy

In April 2019, Wendy Williams filed to divorce her husband of two decades, Kevin Hunter. The divorce was finalized in January 2020.

The split came after rumors that Kevin was unfaithful and fathered a child with his mistress. Wendy confirmed that Kevin’s infidelity was her reason for seeking a divorce. Kevin did not confirm the rumors of his actions, but did say at the time that he was, “not proud of my recent actions.”

Wendy Williams - The Wendy Williams Show - Instagram
Wendy Williams – The Wendy Williams Show – Instagram

Kevin was granted alimony checks from the court at the time the divorce was finalized. Meanwhile, Wendy walked away with exclusive rights to Wendy Williams Productions. The court awarded Wendy the money in their joint bank account, while he kept his cars and separate businesses. However, financial guardianship eventually walled Wendy’s money off as her health took a turn for the worse following their divorce.

Wells Fargo asked the court for financial guardianship. The institution claimed an advisor believed Wendy was a victim of financial exploitation. As a result of the guardianship, Kevin has not received alimony checks since April 2022. He went to court earlier this year to try to restart the alimony checks but lost his bid.

Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Sells House Amid Some Big Money Woes

Now that Kevin Hunter can no longer get money from Wendy Williams, his financial troubles are mounting.

According to Kevin, he does not have the money to pay his bills without the alimony checks. As a result, Kevin put his Parkland, Florida, home up for sale. Kevin bought the house soon after the divorce from Wendy, finalizing the sale in 2020 for $795K. Kevin’s new partner, Sharina, lived in the home with him after the pair left New Jersey.

Kevin Hunter - The Wendy Williams Show - 99 JAMZ, YouTube
Kevin Hunter – The Wendy Williams Show – 99 JAMZ, YouTube

The Florida home itself is a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home boasting 3,425 sqft. Kevin first listed it in April for $1.3 million. With the housing market booming in Florida, Kevin’s Parkland home was soon under contract. By June 30, the sale was awaiting final approval.

Do you think Kevin Hunter should continue to receive his alimony checks? Or is it a good thing that financial guardianship protects Wendy Williams‘ money and her Wendy Williams Show legacy proceeds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And check in with TV Shows Ace for your Wendy Williams updates.

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