Mama June Shannon Offends In Raunchy New Video With Justin

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Mama June Shannon is offending people in a raunchy new video of her and her husband, Justin Stroud. She is known for her lack of class and tact but what has she done this time that has people talking? More so, what is Justin’s part in the whole situation? Read on for more details.

Mama June Shannon Offends In Raunchy New Video With Justin

Viewers tend to look at Justin Stroud as the more level-headed one of the two. Mama June is always pushing the limits and doing or saying whatever she wants. More so, they have had issues this season of Family Crisis as he feels that she has been lying. She acted like she and her daughters had this amazing and close relationship. However, she could not even get them to call or text her back, something she had to confess to his mother, Mama Dukes. He actually learned why they were estranged when Pumpkin told him about how she acted in the lawyer’s office when she turned over custody of Honey Boo Boo.

Mama June, Justin Stroud/YouTube
Mama June, Justin-YouTube

Mama June did not want to pay any support nor did she feel she had to. Fortunately, after a weekend retreat with Dr. Ish, they worked out some of their issues. June is desperate to get her girls to attend her vow renewal and walk her down the aisle. Now, she has posted a video to Instagram that has followers cringing. The couple is at the beach when June takes off her cover-up and reveals a bathing suit but it’s the song that’s playing that is so offputting. It’s ‘Good Lookin’ by Dixon Dallas but it’s a very sexual song and almost too raunchy.

@officialmamajune #memories #beach #goofy %getnaked #4thofjuly #couple #mamajune @Smallz ♬ original sound – Jake Hill

Justin just laughed in the background. Fans immediately took to the comments section to express their disdain. “This song is terrifying,” one wrote. Another could not stand how Justin tried to be appealing by sticking out and waving his tongue around. One added: “NASTY AF 🤮.” However, someone noticed that Pumpkin’s husband, Josh Efird was in the background so that is a positive move forward.

At Least She’s Happy

Despite the lyrics that Mama June and Justin Stroud were dancing to being a tad raunchy, some fans were really happy to see her in a good place. They felt that she seemed much better off and enjoyed this version of June. “I love seeing y’all so happy! I think he is exactly what you needed for you and your girls! Be good to all of them because they love you!” one wrote. So, she may not be politically correct all of the time but at least she’s on a better path than ever before.

What did you think of Mama June’s beachy post? Tacky or all in good fun? Let us know and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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