Kody & Robyn Brown At Local Festival Amid Split Rumors

Sister Wives star Kody Brown caught the attention of many due to this recent Cameo. He seems to imply that he’s not on good terms with Robyn. Some fans assumed that it was due to their alleged financial struggles. However, a bystander at a local festival in Flagstaff spotted the two, which may change the narrative between them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Allegedly Moved Out

A Reddit user recently shared a Cameo clip of Kody looking bitter and passive-aggressive. Some Sister Wives fans began to theorize that something may have happened between him and Robyn when he sang with lyrics that say, “I’m a man of wives with no wives.” There are reports that the 54-year-old father may have moved in with his son, Dayton, who’s reportedly living in an RV outside of his parent’s house. But a recent sighting of the polygamous family patriarch with his fourth wife may set aside all the rumors.

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Kody & Robyn Spotted At A Local Festival

A photo of Kody and Robyn at a local festival in Flagstaff was recently shared on Reddit. According to the poster, they saw reality TV personalities wandering and purchasing different items. They also appear to be on good terms, shutting down the speculation that they parted ways. The two were not with their kids as well, which may confirm that someone is still looking after them.

Sister Wives Kody Robyn Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Planning To Get Back With Ex-Wives Next Season?

TLC has yet to share teasers for the upcoming season of Sister Wives. But some fans are starting to form theories that the father-of-18 may try to get back to some of his ex-wives. One of them is Janelle, who recently paid off a plot of land in Coyote Pass. There are also discussions that the 54-year-old mother has plans to build on the property. On the other hand, Meri has been showing signs of letting go. However, Kody helped her move back to Utah, and they have also spent time with each other since. Due to this, fans believe that they’re now on good terms.

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Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Meanwhile, some fans believe that Christine will never get back with her ex-husband. She’s currently engaged to David Woolley and is reportedly looking forward to a summer wedding. They’re also living together in a house they purchased in Utah.

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