‘Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown Marital Problems?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a different way of keeping in touch with fans. The 54-year-old father usually shares updates on his Cameo. Fans have mixed opinions about his hustle. Though there are some who prefer paid content to get more news. Recently, a client shared one of the reality TV personality’s Cameos, and it seems that the father-of-18 is going through something.

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Brown Struggling Financially

According to reports, Kody and Robyn have been struggling with money since the three other wives left. Some of the Brown kids have also acknowledged their father’s financial problems. Mykelti Padron also added that he’s looking forward to downsizing in Flagstaff. The Sister Wives star and his fourth wife were also spotted multiple times on expensive trips, which may have played a significant role in their struggles.

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Kody Not Living With Robyn?

It appears that Kody and Robyn’s struggles in Flagstaff are only getting worse. According to a Reddit user who shared his Cameo, the Brown family patriarch appears to imply that he’s currently not living with his wife. He even sang with lyrics that talk about being a “man of wives with no wives.”

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The client also said that the Sister Wives star seemed bitter and passive-aggressive throughout the clip. Some worry about the two, while others think the Cameo may have been filmed after the married couple had an argument. Nevertheless, some fans are hoping that things will soon get better between them. Season 18 is also expected to shed light on the family’s status after three of the wives left.

Sister Wives: Updates On Robyn Brown’s Kids

Kody has yet to share updates about his kids in Flagstaff. However, Christine’s son, Paedon, recently claimed in his livestream that Dayton is currently living in an RV outside of their house. He also felt bad and told his followers that the oldest child of Robyn is a nice person, and he treats him like a brother. “I really hope he learns how to fly without being pushed out of the nest,” he added.

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Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Meri is also known for her strong relationships with Solomon and Ariella. Sadly, it seemed that she hadn’t been in touch with them since her split with Kody. She also moved back to her Utah inn, which puts more distance between them.

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