Gwendlyn Brown Confirms Robyn & Kody Are Bad With Money

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Gwendlyn Brown is confirming that her father, Kody, and his fourth wife, Robyn are bad with money. This is really no surprise to those who have been following the Sister Wives family. However, with all of their financial struggles, the couple still continues to live lavishly. So, what exactly did Gwendlyn have to say? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Confirms Robyn & Kody Are Bad With Money

Gwendlyn Brown has no problem calling out her father, Kody, and Robyn and she did this once again when it came to their finances. According to Us Magazine, Gwen confirmed that Robyn and Kody are horrible with money. In her latest YouTube reaction video, she addressed this issue, saying: “I think that my dad and Robyn have a terrible habit of spending very crazy and, like, not within their means at all.” They were recently seen living their best lives in Las Vegas which made fans question what they were doing.

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Kody Brown has been struggling with finances for some time now. He and his wives purchased a lot in Flagstaff, Coyote Pass. They had planned to build a total of five lots on the land. However, this became an issue as the land was not paid off. For Kody’s former second wife, this was undesirable as she was very desperate to start building her home. She even had a blueprint drawn up for the little home she wanted to build for her and her youngest daughter, Savanah. Furthermore, Janelle bought an RV so that she could actually live on CP and attempt to speed up the building process.

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Additionally, when Kody’s third wife and Gwendlyn Brown’s mother, Christine left the family, she took assets with her, as well. When she sold her Flagstaff home, she took what she made from it for her Utah home. Kody felt she should give the family back that money so they could pay off Coyote Pass. He claimed that since it was the family funds that helped get her the home, she owed it to them. Instead, she gave up her lot in CP. Kody has until the middle of this year to pay off the land before it is supposedly taken away.

What About The Former Wives?

Gwendlyn Brown took the time to address Kody’s now-former wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown. She shared how they are handling Kody and Robyn’s financial difficulties. “But also, Janelle [Brown] and Meri [Brown] are kind of similar to my mom [Christine Brown] and that they’re not gonna be salty or petty and try to take money from him even though they totally deserve it because he’s been spending all of their money on whatever.” So, even though Gwen acknowledges that Kody owes his past wives money for all that they have done, they are not actively seeking fiscal payback.

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Both Janelle and Meri revealed that they helped put the down payment on Robyn’s lavish mansion. The money that they received from selling their Vegas homes went right to Robyn. In the end, Janelle was left with nothing but her RV but the best revenge is success and she has her revenge body. As for Christine, she is now in love and living her happily ever after so Kody is the last thing on her mind.

Are you surprised that Gwendlyn Brown was honest about her dad being bad with money? Yet, do you love her transparency? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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