Tammy Slaton Breaks Silence About Tragic Death Of Husband, Caleb Willingham

Tammy Slaton - Caleb Willingham - Facebook

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has broken her silence after news of her husband Caleb Willingham’s death broke early this morning. What did the TLC personality have to say about the passing of her husband? Keep reading for the details.

Tammy Slaton Breaks Silence On Caleb Willingham’s Death

It was Tammy Slaton’s sister Amanda Halterman who first broke the news to fans of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters that Caleb Willingham had passed away. Amanda took to Facebook to break the news to fans asking them to “whisper a prayer” for the family. Amanda admitted she didn’t have much of a relationship with Caleb as she hadn’t spent tons of time with him. She, however, added that he sent her messages that helped her through some pretty dark times. And, she can never thank him enough for that.

Tammy and Caleb Willingham- TLC
Tammy and Caleb Willingham- TLC

Early this afternoon, Tammy Slaton has taken to Instagram to speak out on the death of her husband. “RIP sweet angel” she penned as she admitted Caleb would be missed and was loved more than he could possibly know. She concluded her post by thanking this sweet man that showed her what it was to experience real love.

As most fans who watched Caleb Willingham’s introduction into the show would agree, his relationship with Tammy showed a side of the TLC star fans hadn’t seen before. She softened, she smiled, and she did lots of giggling. While rumors swirled Caleb sought Tammy out for her clout and that the marriage was faked for TV, most fans couldn’t deny that he was good for her for whatever time they actually shared together.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

Tammy Slaton attached a few sweet photos of herself and Caleb that appeared to be taken around Christmas time. The two were all smiles in the photos as they clearly oozed love and affection for each other.

Tammy Slaton - Caleb Willingham Instagram

Heartbroken fans poured into the comments of her post as many were learning of his death for the first time. Fans seemingly put all of their feelings for Caleb aside and sent Tammy thoughts and prayers during what was surely a difficult time for her. In the comments, some fans were struggling to believe he was actually dead or if this was just her claiming he was dead to her. Within ten minutes, her post was liked over 10,000 times with over 2,000 fans pouring into the comments.

Rest in peace, Caleb Willingham. Fans’ thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this tragic time.

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