‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Did Caleb Willingham Die Of A Broken Heart?

Caleb Willingham - Tammy Slaton Youtube

After learning of Caleb Willingham’s passing, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are desperate to know what his cause of death was. Is it possible he died of a broken heart?

Overall, fans of the TLC series have a few theories on what Caleb Willingham’s cause of death might have been. Keep reading to see what fans are saying and why some think he may have died of a broken heart.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Caleb Willingham’s Cause Of Death Theories

Tragically, there are some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans who worry Caleb Willingham’s cause of death may have been suicide. Caleb’s Facebook activity had been dark and depressing as of late. While he was happy to be celebrating his 40th birthday, he was struggling with the spotlight being married to Tammy Slaton landed him in.

Sadly, the spotlight got even worse when rumors swirled he and Tammy were no longer together. As recently as a week ago, however, he was still referring to Tammy as his wife via the comments of his Facebook posts. Some fans worry losing his wife and failing to lose weight could have pushed Caleb over the edge.

Tammy Slaton - Instagram
Tammy Slaton – Instagram

Naturally, most 1000-Lb. Sisters fans suspect his death is connected to his morbid obesity. Caleb Willingham had an assortment of health issues. He was overweight, mostly confined to a wheelchair, he was on oxygen, and he had a trach. The TLC personality got winded after just a little bit of talking and he could only take a few steps before he had to sit down. Many fans suspect his cause of death was simply that his body finally gave out.

There, however, are some fans who think Caleb Willingham may have passed away from a broken heart.

Can A Person Die From A Broken Heart?

According to the American Heart Association, broken heart syndrome is a very real thing. People who suffer from it can experience heart muscle failure. Typically, the condition is treatable. But, in rare cases, it can be fatal. Fans can only assume heart muscle failure would be worse for someone Caleb’s size to experience as his heart was already struggling under the load of his body weight.

Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC

Caleb Willingham was on the sidelines watching his wife Tammy Slaton drop 300 pounds and live her best life. So, it isn’t too much of a stretch for fans to think he was struggling with a broken heart.

At this time, this is nothing more than fan speculation and theories based on what has been posted. No one has spoken out on Caleb Willingham’s cause of death at this time.

Rest in peace, Caleb Willingham.

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