Kim Kardashian Eyes New Man, Crushing On A Celebrity

Kim Kardashian - The Kardashians - Who's in My Bathroom - Hailey Bieber, YouTube

Kim Kardashian recently revealed to Hailey Bieber that she’s eyeing a new man and crushing on a fellow celebrity.

The bombshell comment came as Kim and Hailey dished the dirt on Hailey’s YouTube series, Who’s In My Bathroom? The Kardashians star opened up about a number of intimate topics and prompted Hailey to share her own dirty secrets. But the revelation that Kim has a crush and may have a new man on the horizon has set the internet on fire.

Kim And Hailey Share Intimate Secrets

On Hailey Bieber’s Who’s In My Bathroom? Kim Kardashian got candid about a number of intimate issues. They talked about how Hailey says no one slides into her DMs. Kim, on the other hand, says people slide into her DMs all the time. And it’s usually inappropriate.

Kim Kardashian - The Kardashians - Who's in My Bathroom - Hailey Bieber, YouTube
Kim Kardashian – The Kardashians – Who’s in My Bathroom – Hailey Bieber, YouTube

She also inspired the Rhode Skin founder to open up about her own thoughts on intimate topics. The two decided to play the game, “Truth or Shot,” which requires you to tell the truth or take a shot of liquor. Hailey asked the SKIMS founder if she prefers “angry s*x” or “makeup s*x.” Kim replied that makeup s*x is the best, “’cause it’s like you missed each other and you’re passionate and you know you’re making up!”

The Kardashians star then pushed Hailey to open up and asked what her biggest turn-on is. Hailey responded, “I think kissing!” And added that she likes “a make-out.” Kim agreed that a proper make-out session was a good thing. Hailey also admitted to being a member of the “mile-high club,” which means that she’s had s*x in an airplane.

Kim confirmed that she is too, replying, “Samezies.” Kim then said she was surprised Hailey hadn’t asked her that question. Hailey pointed out that Kim has her own private jet, so it seems like a foregone conclusion that she’s had s*x in it.

Kim Kardashian Reveals She Has Her Eye On A New Man And Is Crushing On Fellow Celeb

Things got really interesting when Kim revealed another intimate secret. The topic of the segment turned to crushes and relationships.

Hailey asked Kim if she has a current celebrity crush. A flustered Kim joked, “I almost want to take a drink because I kinda want it to come true.” The mother of four confirmed that her crush does not know her feelings about him. When Hailey suggested that she should shoot her “shot,” Kim declined. The SKIMS founder says she’s more into privacy these days. Hailey quipped, “So she has a crush she just doesn’t want to say. That’s cute for you.”

If you had a chance to ask Kim Kardashian or Hailey Bieber one question and they had to answer truthfully, what would it be? And who do you think Kim’s celebrity crush is? Sound off in the comments. And catch up with The Kardashians streaming on Hulu.

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