Lala Kent Admits James Kennedy Is Her Soulmate

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Lala Kent has no problem admitting that her Vanderpump Rules co-star, James Kennedy is her soulmate. The two have had a romantic past but it was more so where they hooked up or flirted. Most importantly, they have learned to have each other’s backs. So, does Lala think she and James could ever end up together in the future? Read on for more details.

Lala Kent Admits James Kennedy Is Her Soulmate

When Lala Kent joined Vanderpump Rules in Season 4, she was highly sought after by Jax Taylor and James Kennedy. At the time, James was still in a relationship with Kristen Doute and Taylor was starting up with Brittany Cartwright. Though she liked Jax, Brittany soon moved to California and James and Kristen parted ways. Therefore, he and Lala started to hook up, even before he and Kristen were officially done. They would kiss and have fun, eventually leading to them being intimate. However, they realized that they were better as friends.

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James always seemed to have feelings for Kent. It was even revealed in Season 10 that the two had hooked up when they first started dating their former partners, Raquel Leviss and Randall Emmett. They have had ups and downs, especially when Kennedy was heavily drinking. Now, they are closer than ever and were the comic relief for a very tense Season 10 reunion. So, is there anything more between the two besties? According to Us Weekly, Lala Kent is open when it comes to James Kennedy being her soulmate.

Lala Kent Instagram Story
Lala Kent Instagram Story

Kent decided to do an Ask Me Anything session in her Instagram stories. Someone asked: “Do you think you and James Kennedy are soulmates?” To that, Kent replied: “Soulmates come in many forms. I don’t think that ‘soulmate’ only means an intimate partner. So yes, James is one of my soulmates.” She also added that she missed her lighter locks after seeing this photo since she recently decided to go darker. As for whether or not they will be together in the future, that is really unclear.

 Best Buds

Since James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss broke off their engagement, he started dating Ally Lewber. They have been together pretty much since he and Leviss split. As for Kent, she and her ex-fiance, Randall Emmett are not on speaking terms but she does want to have more children. She did have some fun with a man on the latest season of Pump Rules but seems to be enjoying her girl time. Plus, she loves being with her daughter, Ocean, 2. Finally, Lala and Ally have formed a great friendship, something she never had with Raquel so the likelihood of anything happening between her and James is slim to none.

Do you think James Kennedy and Lala Kent are really meant to be or better off as friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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