Where Do Jax Taylor & James Kennedy Currently Stand?

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Where do Jax Taylor and James Kennedy currently stand after years of being at each other’s throats? The two were very similar in so many ways. This could have been why Jax had issues with James. At the same time, they knew how to poke and prod at one another. So, after ‘Scandoval’ and two seasons of Jax away from Vanderpump Rules, where do the two men stand? Read on for more details.

Where Do Jax Taylor & James Kennedy Currently Stand?

Viewers may recall that James Kennedy and Jax Taylor butted heads in Season 4 when they both had a thing for Lala Kent. Then, Jax’s Kentucky girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright moved to California. James and Jax pretended to get along but it failed and then Jax was on probation for stealing sunglasses. That made it so he could not hit James as much as he wanted to. Then, by the Season 5 reunion, they just clicked and that lasted until the end of Season 6. Unfortunately, James made a major misstep in Season 7 by mocking Jax’s infidelity while he was DJing at SUR. Their friendship was over.

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Now, they seem to have some common ground. They both don’t care for Tom Sandoval and have been betrayed by him, James Kennedy more than Jax. Sandoval had an affair with James’ ex-fiancee, Raquel Leviss while he was in a nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix. Jax felt vindicated because he knew that Sandoval was a cheater all along but no one believed him. So, has this changed the relationship between Kennedy and Taylor?

James Kennedy Caught Drinking? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
According to Interview, James Kennedy and Jax Taylor are on a good path. In reference to Kennedy being called the #1 guy in the group, he was asked about Taylor returning to the show. “I’m talking with Jax right now. We’re actually on great terms. We’ve been texting on the daily. Lots of things have changed, but then other things remain the same. I’m excited to announce I’m doing a collaborative night with him for See You Next Tuesday at SUR. It’s a full circle moment and I think it’s going to be a good night.”

Positive Outcomes

As much as ‘Scandoval’ has turned everything upside down, it might have been the best thing to happen. Ariana Madix looks amazing and now has a great man in her life. Ratings are higher than ever and the cast has been monetizing off of the scandal with James Kennedy releasing limited edition shirts for the reunion. Though he lost a best friend in Tom Sandoval, it seems that he has reconnected with Jax Taylor. An unlikely friendship, yes but a fun one, for sure.

Are you shocked that James and Jax are getting along so well? Do you think it would have happened without the affair? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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