Tom Schwartz Finally Coming Into Himself After 40

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Tom Schwartz is finally coming into himself after the age of forty. The Vanderpump Rules star has had a coming-of-age moment since appearing on Stars on Mars. Now he is opening up about where he is headed and what viewers can expect from the new Schwartzy. Read on for more details.

Tom Schwartz Finally Coming Into Himself After 40

Vanderpump Rules fans are used to Tom Schwartz riding in Tom Sandoval’s sidecar, metaphorically and realistically. The forty-year-old restaurant lounge co-owner has spent several seasons trying to prove that he can man up. Sadly, it just hasn’t happened. When Lisa Vanderpump opened PUMP, she gave Schwartz a job. He and Katie Maloney were hoping to get married in the near future and wanted job security. Unfortunately, Schwartz had a panic attack and left practically before he began. Then, he cheated on Katie both before and after they got married. Plus, he lost their marriage certificate and couldn’t commit to good habits so they could conceive.

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Eventually, she filed for divorce and he struggled to stay above water. It became even worse when it came out that Sandoval had been having an affair with Raquel Leviss. Tom Schwartz knew and did not tell Sandoval’s girlfriend of nearly a decade, Ariana Madix. This did not go down well and then he told fans that they should hug Sandoval despite so much hatred spewing at him. Finally, Schwartz decided to distance himself from it all and now, on the heels of Season 11, he is a new person. According to Us Weekly, he is now a changed man.

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He attributes this change to his time on Stars on Mars which has allowed him to feel like the old Schwartzy again. “I needed a good dose of levity and adventure. I guess from, like, the past few years, I floundered a little bit and I kind of feel like I fell apart, but coming up here, it gave me a fresh perspective on everything. It gave me the overview effect.” He added: “I needed to just reset my mind and I accomplished that up there. I really did.”

New Mindset

Tom Schwartz acknowledged that he needed to “reset” his mind which he was able to do. Furthermore, he got out of his head and finally feels like himself again. As for how this will play out in the new season, that is yet to be seen. However, it appears that the show is getting ready to film and Schwartz is on board.

Are you looking forward to seeing what is ahead for Tom Schwartz? More so, are you enjoying him on Stars on Mars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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