Lindsie Chrisley’s Boyfriend: Identity & Photo Leaks

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It is no secret that Todd Chrisley’s daughter Lindsie has a new man in her life. The use of the word “new” might be debatable as she’s been dating him for a little while now. She, however, has decided not to plaster cute couple photos all over her profile as she’s trying to keep him out of the reality TV spotlight the Chrisley name is constantly basking in. Unfortunately, fans really didn’t have any details about what her new man looked like or even what his name was.

A photo, however, started making rounds on social media with Lindsie Chrisley and her boyfriend sitting together in the background. Turns out, his face is pretty clear and visible in the background behind someone else who took a selfie and posted it on their own Instagram profile.

Now, this photo of Lindsie Chrisley’s boyfriend isn’t the only thing making rounds right now. Chrisley Knows Best fans have also managed to unearth his identity and a little bit of history on him. So, who is Lindsie Chrisley dating? Keep reading for the details!

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Lindsie Chrisley’s Boyfriend: Identity & Photo Leaks

After doing a bit of deep diving, Chrisley Knows Best fans have discovered Lindsie Chrisley is dating a man named, Trent. His Instagram and Facebook confirm he has two small children and an ex-wife. Likewise, fans have also learned Lindsie’s boyfriend is a teacher. Moreover, fans have also discovered his ex-wife likes to post photos that include him and tags him/references him as “the ex” in all of her photos.

Now, this information tracks with previous claims that Lindsie Chrisley was getting into a relationship with a guy that hadn’t completely separated from his ex-wife. Lindsie, however, did catch wind of those rumors and shut them down as being untrue.

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Can She Even Handle A Blended Family?

Now, Chrisley Knows Best fans have serious doubts about this relationship. For starters, they have a hard time believing a man who is a teacher would want to step into the reality TV spotlight. Likewise, Lindsie has always been pretty open about how uncomfortable a blended family makes her. She repeatedly claimed she didn’t want children because she didn’t want to deal with having more than one baby daddy. Something, however, changed recently when she admitted she suddenly had a new outlook because she was with someone she loved and wanted to have his baby.

Given what fans know about the way Lindsie thinks, however, they just aren’t buying that she wants Jackson to have a stepfather who has children with Lindsie as well as children with his ex-wife.

Is this situation just a bit too messy for Lindsie Chrisley to dive into? What are your thoughts on her boyfriend, Trent? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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