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Lindsie Chrisley Pregnant With Baby #2?

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Wait, is Lindsie Chrisley pregnant with baby #2? Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter shared a cryptic Instagram Stories post the other day promising to elaborate “on her pregnancy” during her podcast. This had some Chrisley Knows Best fans wondering if this meant Jackson was going to be a big brother. Was Todd Chrisley about to get another grandchild?

On Wednesday, August 10, during her latest episode of The Southern Tea podcast, Lindsie did open up about her pregnancy and clued fans in on whether she was having baby #2.

Is she dating someone and does she want another baby?

News that Lindsie Chrisley might be pregnant with baby #2 definitely left fans scratching their heads. After all, it is no secret she split from her husband Will a while back. So, chances are pretty good the baby wouldn’t belong to him. Lindsie has teased that she’s been in a relationship with someone new for a while. Todd Chrisley’s eldest daughter has skimped on revealing very many details about the mystery man. Though, she did post a video of him playing catch with Jackson on her Instagram Stories a while back.

A woman and her son
Lindsie Chrisley and her son Jackson/Credit: Lindsie Chrisley Instagram

Lindsie Chrisley has also told her followers that she was always adamantly against the idea of having another child with a different man. She believed it would make her situation complicated and messy. Now, however, that she is in love, she sees things a bit differently. Lindsie told her followers that while she isn’t interested in rushing the situation, she does yearn to have a baby with the man she’s currently with. With how much Lindsie has discussed having a second child with her new man, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if she was pregnant.

So, is Lindsie Chrisley pregnant with baby #2?

The short answer to this question is no, Lindsie Chrisley is not pregnant with baby #2. Turns out, this was a nasty rumor started by none other than her ex-husband Will. Lindsie explained during her podcast that Will called her “preggers” and asked questions about the bun in her oven for months every time they communicated (usually being when they passed Jackson back and forth). Lindsie added that her ex-husband even asked her if she had told Jackson about the baby yet.

Lindsie Chrisley- Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley- Instagram

Despite the rumors her ex-husband has been creating, Lindsie Chrisley said she wanted to make it crystal clear via her podcast that she was NOT pregnant with baby #2. Lindsie did add that it wasn’t her ex-husband’s business and he didn’t deserve an answer to the question. She, however, wanted to get ahead of the rumor mill with the truth.

Why do you think her ex-husband would start rumors that Lindsie Chrisley was pregnant with baby #2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Todd Chrisley’s children.

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