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Chase Chrisley & Emmy Medders Become Parents: See Their Baby Girl

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Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have become parents. Both Emmy and Chase have shared several photos of their beautiful baby girl on their Instagram Stories. Emmy even dedicated an entire Instagram post to their adorable new little one.

Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley become parents

Emmy Medders took to Instagram yesterday to introduce her “newest love.” Turns out, she was now the proud mommy of a beautiful little girl named Minnie.

She penned in the caption of her post: “Everyone meet my newest little love, Minnie Medders”

Emmy Medders - Instagram
Emmy Medders – Instagram

The photo featured Emmy holding her new little one high in the air. There was also a short video clip attached to the video featuring Emmy pulling Minnie in close and giving her a kiss.

Emmy tagged a website that confirmed her new furbaby was actually a Dachshund. Her post also reveals she purchased the puppy from a company called Akc Dachshund NY.

Emmy/Chase - Instagram
Emmy/Chase – Instagram

Are they sharing this dog?

A photo on the Akc Dachshund NY website features Chase Chrisley holding the same dog Emmy Medders is introducing as Minnie Medders. Here is specifically what was said on the website:

In this Photo, we drove all the way to Nashville to deliver a puppy to Chase Chrisley from The TV show Growing up Chrisley.”

So, it appears as if Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders are sharing this beautiful little girl! Emmy Medders has already posted tons of photos of her beautiful little girl on her Instagram Stories. Emmy has gushed about how much she loves Minnie. She even shared a photo of how the little one wants mama to hold her while she’s getting ready to go places!

Like Emmy, Chase Chrisley has also shared a cute photo of the little one on his Instagram Stories. The photo featured Minnie curled up in a little ball sleeping with daddy Chase!

In the comments of Emmy’s post, fans gushed about how cute it was that she and Chase Chrisley had a daughter now. Some jested this pup would live a luxurious and spoiled life.

Emmy/Chase - Instagram
Emmy/Chase – Instagram

Do you think this beautiful baby girl belongs to both Emmy Medders and Chase Chrisley? Is this just another confirmation these two are back together? Or, do you think Emmy Medders adopted her and Chase is just spending time with the adorable little one? Let us know your thoughts on this latest Chrisley update. And, keep coming back for more!

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