‘LPBW:’ No Love For Matt Roloff From Audrey And Jeremy?

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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, of Little People Big World, watched their daughter’s dance recital and Matt wasn’t there. While other family members, like Matt’s ex-wife, Amy, were involved no sign of Grandpa. Where was Matt Roloff?

Matt Roloff Misses Ember’s Dance Recital

On Monday, June 19, 2023, Ember had a dance recital and family gathered to watch. Her mother, Audrey, shared pictures on her Instagram story featuring the young dancer in her costume. There were pictures of Ember, Amy, Jeremy, and the other children. There were also pictures with Ember’s dance instructor.

Ember LPBW Instagram
Ember LPBW Instagram

Audrey even invited Amy and her new husband Chris and took a picture of Ember with them. They smiled for the camera and Ember hugged them.

There were no pictures of Matt Roloff with his granddaughter, though. Matt missed an important milestone in his granddaughter’s life which he tries not to do. Grandpa Matt recently had a brief hospital stay after a routine doctor’s appointment took a nasty turn that had him hospitalized. Matt did keep his LPBW fans posted about his health saying “Turns out I have some unexpected twists n turns leading down to the stomach.” Maybe Matt was not able to fly or do a road trip due to his health.

Did Matt Roloff Make Amends With Jeremy & Audrey?

While son Jeremy was spending time with his wife Audrey at a concert, Zach was watching football with his 3 children. The twins did not mention Dad on the special day. But just because fans did not see his twins wish their dad a Happy Father’s Day on social media does not mean they did not call him on the phone personally. Matt is known for not being able to maneuver social media very well and has said he prefers the “old ways” of doing things as opposed to technology nowadays.

Matt Roloff Does Not Let Anything Stand In His Way

Matt Roloff is pretty diligent about making his grandchildren’s special events. Matt’s social media shows fans how proud he is of each of his grandchildren’s births and always seems to be at their birthdays most of the time. There are pics and videos of all of them with proud Grandpa on his Instagram. What do you think kept Matt away from Ember’s dance recital? Is it his health or more building on Roloff Farms?

Leave your thoughts on Matt missing his grandaughter’s recital in the comments below.

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