Avril Lavigne Splits & Takes $80K With Her

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After three-and-a-half months of dating, Avril Lavigne and Tyga are calling it quits. Media reports today say that the couple made a mutual decision to end their romance, but they are still friends. So, how did she make off with $80K from the brief romance? Read on for all the details.

Avril Lavigne And Mod Sun Split After Her Photo With Tyga

The couple was first photographed on February 19, 2023, outside Nobu, where they shared a meal with friends. They were seen hugging outside the restaurant. Sources said they were just friends.

At the time the photographs of Avril and Tyga hugging appeared, Avril was still engaged to Mod Sun. It was only a few days later, though, that the media reported that Avril Lavigne and Mod had ended their engagement less than a year after he proposed to Avril in Paris.

Sources said that Avril and her fiance were on and off for a couple of months before they broke up.

Avril And Tyga Headed to Paris

Shortly after Avril split with Mod Sun, she headed to Paris with Tyga. They made the rounds of Fashion Week and were seen at a fashion show together. Tyga and Avril also went to a restaurant where Leonardo DiCaprio was having a party and then hit up a Mugler X Hunter Schafer party.

That was when they were caught kissing by the media. The photographs were all over the internet. Friends of the couple swore that the relationship was casual and still something very new to them. Even though the two were spending a lot of time together, they were taking it slow, said friends of the couple.

When Avril and Tyga made a surprise appearance at the CMA Fest 2023, they appeared close. Avril performed with Miranda Lambert on June 9.

The $80,000 Necklace Makes Its First Appearance In Paris

It was while Avril and Tyga were in Paris that everyone got to see the expensive necklace Tyga bought for her. Tyga had the necklace custom-made for Avril by Mavani & Co. Jewelry and boasts 50 carats of diamonds, black and white. In addition to all the diamonds, her name was spelled out in pink sapphires.

Photographers made every effort to make sure to get pictures of the necklace. Close inspection shows that amidst all the bling, there are also two skulls with crossbones and two hearts with the letter A over them.

People says that a source has reported that Avril Lavigne will be keeping the Mavani & Co. Jewelry necklace.

Avril And Tyga Split On Good Terms

Friends of the couple say the relationship likely just ran its course. Tyga and Avril Lavigne made the decision together, and there are no hard feelings.

Should Avril Lavigne return the necklace that Tyga had made for her, or is it her right to keep it? Have your say in the comments!

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