‘LPBW:’ Matt Roloff’s Huge Health Update Since Hospital Scare

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It was two weeks ago that Matt Roloff shared an update on Instagram from a hospital bed regarding his health that left Little People, Big World fans in a panic. At the time, the TLC star explained he had a “rough week” after a routine medical procedure took an unexpected turn. He recalled how terrified his future wife Caryn must’ve felt when the doctors approached her to tell her they’d run into some problems.

Unfortunately, Matt Roloff didn’t really give fans much additional information on what was going on with him or when he was slated to have surgery. He explained there were “twists and turns” leading to his stomach that shouldn’t be there. While he concluded the post with reassurances that he was “back in action,” uncertainty loomed as fans knew he needed more surgery in the future.

After two weeks of nothing, Matt Roloff finally gave his fans an update on his medical situation following his hospital scare. What did he have to share? Keep reading for the scoop.

Matt Roloff BIG Health Update Amid Hospital Scare

The TLC personality buried a big update on his health following his hospital scare in the comments of a recent Instagram post. In the comments of his post, he reassured his followers he’s been spending the past few days in Arizona and he was “taking it easy.”

Matt Roloff added that he was feeling like a new man and he was more than ready to head back to Oregon to get to work.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

Unfortunately for Matt, most of his 788K followers missed his health update because it was buried in the comments of a post asking his followers to donate money to a questionable cause. In response to the post, fans were too upset with Matt to even notice his health update or celebrate it with him. In fact, many fans noted that Matt was certainly flush enough with cash to help the cause of his own accord as opposed to hitting fans up for cash.

Here’s what some fans said in response to his Instagram post:

  • “I hope you got hacked. We’re not giving a con artist money. And you have more than enough to cover the costs.”
  • “No thanks, maybe if it was for something meaningful and really needed and not her”
  • “Sorry Matt. I think you should have thought twice about posting this one. The story of Natalie is tabloid news. As you said, google it.”

Directly in response to his comment containing the update, a few fans did thank him for the update. Though, most were still too flustered by what he originally posted to celebrate his recovery with him.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

What do you think about what Matt Roloff is raising money for? Moreover? What did you think of his health update? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on LPBW.


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