Inside Val Chmerkovskiy’s Holiday Weekend In The Hospital

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy from Good Morning America, found on YouTube

DWTS pro Val Chmerkovskiy sadly spent Father’s Day weekend in the hospital instead of with his loved ones.

He and his wife Jenna Johnson welcomed their son Rome in January and were looking forward to spending the holiday together as a family. But life often throws unexpected curveballs, as was the case over the holiday weekend.

While Val’s brother Maks Chmerkovskiy welcomed a new baby over Father’s Day weekend, Val was in the hospital for an entirely different reason. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Val Chmerkovskiy didn’t particularly enjoy his first Father’s Day

Becoming a father has been one of the greatest experiences in Val Chmerkovskiy’s life. Since he and Jenna had Rome, they’ve been posting adorable family photos on their Instagram pages.

They initially intended on having an adorable Father’s Day celebration. But something unexpected derailed their plans.

Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

“Had plans to make something very creative and cute for his first Fathers Day… But life had other plans :)” Jenna revealed on her Instagram story. She didn’t elaborate at the time but later added a video of Val in a hospital bed. He didn’t seem to be in critical condition, but fans were still alarmed to see him in such a state.

So what exactly happened to the 37-year-old dancer?

Val Chmerkovskiy from his wife Jenna Johnson's Instagram page Dancing With The Stars
Jenna Johnson/Instagram

According to Jenna, it seems that Val overworked himself with performances. In another Instagram story, she explained that he did four shows in a weekend and was completely exhausted by the end.

“He is doing great today. Basically what happened, he was violently ill for three whole days and by violently ill, I mean could not eat, puke more than I’ve ever seen anybody in my life throw up. It was insane,” Jenna informed her audience. “So we went to the emergency room last night and just wanted to check on his vitals, make sure everything was okay. And so glad we did, because they just loaded him with fluids and did some IVs and he is feeling so much better today.”

The Ukrainian dancer is grateful for this chapter of his life

Although Val Chmerkovskiy’s first Father’s Day didn’t go according to plan, he’s so thankful for his family.

“Every day I see my wife as the mother that she is to our son has been the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her, and the most attracted I’ve ever been to her. So, it’s been very special,” Val told PEOPLE in a recent interview.

“It’s our first child and it’s been an incredible challenge, but it’s been just wonderful and rewarding. It’s brought my wife and I even closer together and it’s just a blessing. It’s a beautiful thing,” he continued.

Thankfully, Val feels much better and is back to spending time with his loved ones. Hopefully, they got to have a make-up Father’s Day celebration.

Check back soon for more news and updates on Val, Jenna, and the rest of the Dancing With The Stars cast.

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