Tori Roloff Admits She Lied, Zach Wasn’t Hospitalized

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Tori Roloff of TLC’s Little People, Big World was forced to come clean recently as she admitted she lied about her husband Zach landing in the ER (emergency room) following an injury to his face.

As Tv Shows Ace reported last night, Tori took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to reveal her husband had been injured. Zooming in close to his face, she showed off a nasty gash above his eye and across his eyebrow. Zach could be heard admitting that his eye was hurting while he was enjoying a bowl of food.

LPBW Tori Roloff Instagram
LPBW Tori Roloff Instagram

The caption Tori Roloff attached to her post suggested she was a bit overwhelmed and hoped the family would take fewer trips to the emergency room. More specifically, she wanted her husband Zach to take no more trips to the ER.

Last night, however, Tori Roloff took to Instagram again. She needed to clear the air. She lied. Her husband never went to the emergency room.

Zach Roloff - Instagram
Zach Roloff – Instagram

Tori Roloff Admits She Lied, Zach Wasn’t Hospitalized

In Josiah’s bedroom, Tori Roloff zoomed in on her husband who was sitting in front of Josiah’s crib while their daughter Lilah ran back and forth across the room. Tori started to zoom in on her husband as she admitted to clarifying something. She explained that her followers needed to know Zach had not actually taken a trip to the emergency room because of his eye injury.

Tori Roloff clarified that she never actually said he had taken a trip to the hospital. She was simply stating that her husband needed to be more careful because she didn’t want to have to take any more trips to the hospital because of him.

This Isn’t The First Time She’s Done This

A while back, Tori Roloff made a post about their dog Murphy that had her followers assuming the dog had passed away. The TLC personality ended up taking to Instagram again to clarify the dog was alive and she was sorry that just about everyone took the post the wrong way.

Some fans are assuming Tori Roloff just didn’t clarify well enough and never actually claimed Zach was in the emergency room. Others, however, speculate she knew exactly what she was doing and was just trying to drum up some attention for her family.

Most fans agree they are a bit frustrated with Tori and hope she’ll be more careful with what she posts on social media.

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