Dead? Tori Roloff’s Dog Murphy ‘Is In Heaven’

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Is Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff’s dog Murphy dead after she revealed that he “is in heaven?” On social media, Tori revealed what was going on with the pup and gave fans a concerning update. Read on to get the latest details on Zach and Tori’s family’s beloved dog.

As you may know, Zach and Tori added the dog to their family in July 2018 after losing their first pup, Sully. Murphy is a Bernese Mountain Dog. From what Tori has shared online, it looks like Murphy is best friends with Lilah, 2, and Jackson, 4. Tori also seems obsessed with the huge, fluffy dog.

But a recent post online sparked concerns among fans. Though he is only a few years old, fans grew concerned he might be dead when Tori Roloff said her dog Murphy “is in heaven.”

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Dead? Tori Roloff’s Dog Murphy ‘Is In Heaven’

In a since-deleted Instagram story post, Tori shared a photo of the dog out in the snow. She revealed that he “is in heaven,” which naturally caused plenty of concern. Fans feared the worst and sent plenty of messages her way. It looks like enough fans were concerned and decided to contact Tori about her post.

Though her post made it look like he was dead, Tori Roloff’s dog Murphy is in heaven in the snow. He’s just enjoying playing and running around in the snow. So, fortunately, he’s totally okay and healthy. And fans have nothing to worry about right now.

After deleting the original post about Murphy being “in heaven,” Tori explained the situation and reposted the photo with a less concerning caption. The adorable pup is laying on the grass. Along with the photo, she wrote, “Hahaha this is Murphy having so much fun in the snow.”

Tori Roloff Instagram

Thanks to the show and Tori’s social media activity, fans have fallen in love with the whole family, including their pup. So, they would be devastated to learn that anything happened to him. Hopefully, he still has a long, happy life ahead of him.

So, were you worried that Tori Roloff’s dog Murphy was dead and in heaven instead of just enjoying playing in the snow with Jackson and Lilah? Are you relieved to hear that Murphy is actually okay? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Oh i get it he’s in heaven because he loves the snow. That’s awesome. I was worried at first but that explains it all. Why do you people scare people like that. You should had said that instead of assuming the worst but that’s what the media does. Start a lot of crap

  2. I am so sorry you lost your dog but I lost my dog long time ago he was in his 12s and I’m sorry you lost yours but I’ll watch your program every single time it’s on TV I hope someday you’ll understand that if you get another dog it’s going to hurt you more if you lost this one again it’s up to you and your family if you want another dog but me I don’t need to have another dog because if I do have another dog it’s going to die on me again and it’s going to hurt and so I am not getting any more dogs I have a pet some other dogs but not mine I hope you understand that you can get another dog if you want but it’s going to hurt you more if you get another dog if that one dies too I’m sorry that you lost one or two I watch your program every single day every Tuesdays I don’t know what days your guys are on but I love you guys

  3. I am so glad I rpjy is ok it didn’t occur to me he was in heaven playing in snow love your family hope you h a d MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a HAPPY NEW YE

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