‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik Shares Teenage Trauma

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Jeopardy! host and actress Mayim Bialik is sharing her teenage trauma. What exactly did the mother of two go through that was so dramatic she finally felt the need to open up? More so, how did she recover from it and come out on the other side? Read on for more details.

Jeopardy! Mayim Bialik Shares Teenage Trauma

Before she was one of the hosts of Jeopardy!, Mayim Bialik grew up on television and in movies. She starred as the main character in the coming-of-age sitcom, Blossom. Bialik then went on to get her degree and Ph.D. from UCLA. Soon enough, her career in acting was reinvigorated when she landed a role on The Big Bang Theory where she remained until the finale. Not long after, Mayim helped bring the role of Kat to life on Call Me Kat as a cat cafe owner. It lasted three seasons before getting canceled. During all of this, she was recruited to guest host on Jeopardy! after Alex Trebek passed away.

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Though she is thriving, there was a time when she experienced sadness. According to The Sun, Mayim Bialik opened up about some of her teenage trauma on her podcast, Mayim’s Breakdown. She had on her Blossom co-star, Jenna von Oy who played her best friend, fast-talking Six. Mayim explained that, after the show ended, she was typecast. She shared she is “usually cast” as the “strange-looking friend.” Additionally, she added: “I’m like the quirky friend. I’m the weird one.” Yet, Mayim had to note that people could be cruel and it hurt at times.

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“People made horrible comments about my appearance, which never left me, since I’ve been 14 years old,” explained Bialik. She also mentioned that their cast was not rolling in the dough from the series. Though she went off to UCLA, it was not like she could stop working and live off of that income. Mayim explained that she tutored and budgeted while in college to ensure that she could get by.

A Strong Work Ethic

That kind of motivation could be why Mayim Bialik has been able to pull double duty as both an actress and game show host. Not only was she filming Call Me Kat but she also had Celebrity Jeopardy! on her plate. Along with those shows, she is a single parent to two as well as a podcast host. So, even though she may have had some tough moments and memories, it all paid off in the end because she is doing her best in adulthood.

What do you think of Mayim Bialik recalling her teenage trauma? Can you relate to how she felt and feeling awkward at that age? More so, did you watch her on Blossom? Let us know in the comments below.

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