‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants At Loss Over Lord’s Prayer Question

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On Tuesday, June 13, Jeopardy! contestants completely missed out on a question that featured a Biblical quote. Mayim Bialik and viewers were surprised that not one of the contestants was able to give the question for the answer.

Contestants Were Doing Fine Until This Clue

The three contestants in this Jeopardy! episode, Laura Blyler, Suresh Krishnan, and Joe Siebert, were flying through the different clues until this one stumped everyone. Shockingly, not one of them knew the question to go with this Biblical clue.

Mayim read the question that was worth $200. She said, “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father, which art in heaven,’ This ‘be thy name.” The contestant who could fill in the blank where “this” appeared would get $200.

None of the contestants hit the buzzer to fill in the blank before “be thy name.” Decider noted that after the time ran out, Mayim Bialik read the answer for them and they moved on.

Jeopardy! Fans Were Shocked And Dismayed

Almost immediately, Jeopardy! viewers started to comment about the lack of answers on Twitter. They thought it was a relatively simple question that the contestants should have been able to answer, even if they weren’t religious or Christian.

One commenter said, it was sad and noted that her grandfather taught them all the Lord’s prayer when they were kids.

One person even suggested it was “a sign of the impending apocalypse.”

Some people saw it as a negative sign of where the world is going. Others just thought it was a simple question because it’s a child’s prayer that people learn in school. For many, it was a prayer that was repeated at the beginning of each school day, whether you were religious or not.

Are There Too Many Questions About Christianity on ‘Jeopardy!’

On the other hand, even though most found it unbelievable that the contestants were unable to answer a simple question about a simple prayer, some think Jeopardy! asks too many religious questions. In particular, Jeopardy! viewers have questioned a number of questions about Christianity.

In May, one person commented that “the Christian Bible…is not part of a general education.”

Twitter fans are not the only ones who have noticed that in recent years, Jeopardy! has seen a lot of questions about Christianity. There is also a Jeopardy! forum on Reddit where viewers of the show are questioning the frequency of Bible and Christian-based questions.

After the game moved on, the contestants all continued to answer questions, but in the end, it was Krishnan who won the game with $14,401. This was his fifth win. Now, Krishnan is qualified for the Tournament of Champions.

What did you think of this Biblical question? Was it a question most people should have been able to answer whether they were raised Christian or not?

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  1. That was a question which ANY ADULT should have been able to answer! I’m stunned that NONE of those three contestants could do so! “The Lord’s Prayer” has been quoted not just in churches, but on various television programs, specials, ads, documentaries, etc. for as long as I can remember–and I’m over 70 years old! SHAME ON ALL THREE OF THEM!

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