HBO’s ‘The Idol’ Season 2: In Danger Of Cancellation?

Lily-Rose Depp on The Idol / YouTube

The Idol was supposed to be the next big thing on HBO, but the latest news is that The Idol Season 2 might be in danger of cancelation. According to reports, there is one person involved with the show which makes it look likely that the series could end up concluding after just one season.

Here is a look at why The Idol might end up getting canceled on HBO before Season 2.

HBO considering canceling The Idol Season 2

The Idol was the second HBO series by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. With seasons of Euphoria spread so far apart thanks to Zendaya’s busy schedule, this gives Levinson a second outlet for his creativity. However, that might prematurely end thanks to one actor involved. According to Page Six, several people involved said it was hard to work with The Weeknd, especially when he was in character. The site quoted two anonymous sources close to the production.

The Weeknd on The Idol / YouTube

The Idol is about an aspiring pop star named Jocelyn, played by Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. After suffering a nervous breakdown and canceling her last tour, she reaches out and begins a relationship with a self-help guru named Tedros. He also leads a contemporary cult. This is who Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye plays. Depp plays a character loosely based on pop stars like Britney Spears.

The show has received harsh criticism for its sex scenes, and viewership has dropped off drastically since the premiere. According to the site, one source said working with The Weeknd was “not an ideal experience … and not one I am eager to repeat.” Another called him egotistical. As a result, they also said HBO was considering not greenlighting The Idol Season 2. One source said the show was always meant to be a miniseries, not a multi-season series.

Was there ever supposed to be The Idol Season 2?

The first season was also a struggle because The Weeknd allegedly demanded rewrites to make his character more of a focal point of the series. The Weeknd and Levinson fired the original director, citing “creative differences.” There were also complaints from some of the crew members, who blasted the show for misogynistic writing (via Rolling Stone).

However, another source said that The Weeknd was “beloved,” and while he was a “method actor,” he was always open to his fellow castmates and crew members. Method actors don’t break their character, even when not filming. With his character so scary, one source said Depp would stay away from him when the cameras were not rolling.

For their part, HBO responded to the Page Six story on Twitter, saying they haven’t canceled the show – yet. “It has not, and we look forward to sharing the next episode with you Sunday night,” HBO PR responded. However, it also hasn’t been renewed yet. HBO likely won’t reveal the real fate of the show until the season ends.

What do you think about The Idol on HBO? Have you watched the show, and do you think it warrants a second season? Let us know your thoughts about a possible The Idol Season 2 in the comments below.

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