YouTuber Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger Loses Sponsors Over Farts

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YouTuber Colleen Ballinger better known by many as Miranda Sings is on a downward spiral after an old video involving farts is causing some of her sponsors to cut her loose. Why exactly is an old video involving farts making sponsors want to drop her? Keep reading for the gassy details.

YouTuber Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger Loses Sponsors Over Farts

According to TMZ, at least two companies that sponsor the YouTuber have already made the decision to pull the ripcord after an old video from one of her shows resurfaced and went viral. Turns out, losing these two sponsors may just be the beginning of Miranda Sings’ downward spiral as a large chunk of the Internet isn’t too happy with her right now.

Turns out the video clip is from one of her old comedy shows. In the clip, Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger pulls a young fan from the audience and has her come on stage to participate in an embarrassing fart joke. The footage reveals the young fan on her back as Colleen spreads her legs open. Suddenly, a very loud fart noise is heard echoing over the microphone. While it was clearly a prank, the stunt was designed to make it appear as if the young teen farted into the microphone while on stage.

Per TMZ, the young girl from the video has caught wind of it going viral. And, she’s breaking her silence on how the stunt left her feeling both traumatized and embarrassed.

After learning of the video and how scarred it left the young girl, some of Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger’s sponsorships have decided they are no longer interested in being connected to her.

Speaking to TMZ, a skincare company called OneSkin admits that the decision to part ways with the YouTuber and podcast was a swift one after learning of her history.

We were made aware of this previously and have decided to cease the relationship completely. This behavior is appalling and we do not condone or support it in any form.”

While the telemedicine company Zocdoc did not issue a statement on the decision to discontinue its relationship with Miranda Sings, the company has also made the decision to stop running advertisements on her podcast.

In response to the video, some of Colleen ‘Miranda Sings’ Ballinger’s followers on various platforms are also making the decision to unfollow. Unfortunately, things could continue to get worse for the YouTuber as she loses her followers and her sponsors.

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