Yohan Geronimo Gives Fans Big Clue On Relationship Status?

Yohan Geronimo - Danielle Gates - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube

If there’s one thing that’s clear about the relationship between 90 Day Fiancé stars Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates, it’s that nothing is clear. But Yohan may have just dropped a big clue about what they’re doing now as a couple (or not).

The two have navigated a relationship full of twists and turns. A complicated relationship made even more complicated by the presence of Daniele’s ex, Taylen. And Yohan’s weird obsession with large penises.

Daniele met the 10-years-her-junior Yohan while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and they fell in love. Yohan seemed jealous and insecure about his relationship with Daniele. And Daniele seemed concerned that Yohan only wanted her for a ticket into the US.

Somehow, they seemed to persevere as a couple.

But now, fans seem to think that Geronimo has dropped a big hint as to the status of their relationship – and it’s juicy.

Daniele, Yohan, 90 Day Fiance/YouTube
[Daniele, Yohan-YouTube]

Yohan Has Struggled with Taylen’s Continued Relationship with Daniele

While Yohan and Daniele seem like a loving couple, there’s one thing they can’t seem to get past: Daniele’s ex.

And his presence in their life has made things a little weird at times.

Like that time Yohan kept asking personal questions about Taylen and Daniele’s sex life and compared shoe sizes, telling Taylen, “Daniele likes men with big penises.”

Yohan Geronimo - Daniele Gates - 90 Day Fiance - YouTube
Yohan Geronimo – Daniele Gates – 90 Day Fiancé – YouTube

In a confessional after the weirdly aggressive conversation about the exes and their former shared intimacy, Taylen explained that it was a bizarre moment for him.

But the strangeness didn’t end there. Yohan kept pressuring the former couple, showing his insecurity.

Daniele and Yohan are On Again, Off Again

Fans of the couple have been confused as to whether they’re together or not at any given moment. And with good reason.

On the Season 2 tell-all episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Yohan said he was done with Daniele. He said that their relationship was 0 out of 10, and added, “I’m with Daniele until our lease is up. When our lease is up, she goes her way and I go mine.”

Yohan Geronimo - Daniele Gates - 90 Day Fiance - Instagram
Yohan Geronimo – Daniele Gates – 90 Day Fiancé – Instagram

At the time, castmates urged Yohan to reconsider, but he was adamant, saying, “I don’t want to be with Daniele anymore. I don’t have the same love for her anymore.”

A tearful Daniele said that Yohan’s comments came in response to the fact that Taylen had been invited to appear on the tell-all, explaining, “The fact that he saw Taylen walk in this room is why he’s responding this way.”

It wasn’t clear whether they stayed together after the show wrapped, but there are some signs that the couple has called it quits.

This Time, Yohan and Daniele May be ‘Off’ for Good

Since then, Geronimo has scrubbed evidence of Daniele from his socials – while Gates has done the same.

The biggest hint of all may have come from an Instagram story.

In a series of stories, Daniele explains that she won’t answer as to the status of their relationship – saying, “What matters is that we love and respect each other and want to see each other win.”

Yohan Geronimo - Daniele Gates - 90 Day Fiance - Instagram
Yohan Geronimo – Daniele Gates – 90 Day Fiancé – Instagram

But one single photo may be the biggest hint of all.

In the Instagram story image, Yohan is seen grinning at the camera. And, let’s face it, he never really smiled on the show, so that’s remarkable enough on its own.

It looks like they’re moving out of their shared home, with cleaning supplies ample in the background.

But the caption is what clinches it – it says “Día final,” which translates to “last day.”

Yohan Geronimo - Daniele Gates - 90 Day Fiancé - Instagram
Yohan Geronimo – Daniele Gates – 90 Day Fiancé – Instagram

Which sounds like their lease is up and it’s time to move on – on from the home, and on from their relationship. Some commenters added that they had not seen Yohan ever smile like that and suspected he was done with Daniele for good.

So far there’s been no official word from either Yohan or Daniele, but that’s a pretty compelling piece of evidence.

Did Yohan finally call it quits for real with Daniele, or is this just a bid for publicity? Let us know and catch the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all finale on TLC and see what you think about their explosive on-air declarations.




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