Ex-Manager Impersonates Lamar Odom & Commits Criminal Act

Lamar Odom sues his former manager / YouTube

Lamar Odom has filed a lawsuit against his former manager Tonita Bybee. In the lawsuit, Odom made some pretty harsh claims against the manager. This includes accusations of fraud, identity theft, and misappropriation. Here is a look at all the claims and what Odom claims his former manager did to impact his and his family’s lives.

Lamar Odom sues former manager

Former NBA star Lamar Odom sued former manager Tonita Bybee for allegedly forging his signature. With the reported forgery, Bybee sold his home in New York. Odom’s attorney Zachary G. Meyer said Odom fired Bybee in May 2022. In the lawsuit, Odom claims Bybee gained possession of his home in Brooklyn that had been in his family for “nearly three decades.”

In the lawsuit (via Page Six), Bybee allegedly forged a deed to the home and then sold it to a third party. On top of that, Odom was allowing his aunt Carol Janean to live there since her husband died in August 2022. She faces eviction from the home when Bybee sold it. In the lawsuit, Odom lists accusations including “embezzlement,” “misappropriation,” “identity theft,” “conversion,” and “various other iterations of fraud.” Odom also claims she “acted with malice, wanton dishonesty, and a high degree of immoral turpitude.”

Lamar Odom interview / YouTube

In the lawsuit, Odom stated that Bybee used unauthorized use of his name, likeness, signature, social security number, and social media accounts. He also said his former manager used his identity to “defraud people and businesses by accepting speaking and appearance engagements” after he had fired her. In the lawsuit, she collected the payments from the people anyway.

Lamar Odom also said she fraudulently booked appearances after he fired her

Finally, Odom said Bybee still owes him for several appearances. This includes his stops on  “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Celebrity Boxing,” and “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.” He said she also owes him for an NFT deal that included his name. The lawsuit is for over $1 million in damages. Odom also added a second person to the lawsuit. He sued the public notary who notarized the forged deed despite Odom not being present when the documents were signed.

Lamar Odom on a podcast / YouTube

Tonita Bybee is the CEO and founder of Savvy Girl Consulting and Savvy Talent Management Group. In an interview from 2022, she said her “clients provide the vision and I am a mere vessel used to help their dreams and visions become reality.” The interview also used several photos of Bybee with Odom while promoting her company and its work. She also gave a shout-out in the interview to her first celebrity client, saying that Lamar Odom gave her “small business a chance to represent him” and said she “would not be where I am today with Managing Clients.”

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